Staying Young Growing Old - Book Review

Staying Young Growing Old - Book Review


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Memories should be used to look forward, not back. In remembering you should be prompted to explore new horizons, travel to new destinations, take chances, do something different, meet new people, and by continuing to experience all that life has to offer, you can stay young and vibrant in mind and spirit, even when your body struggles to keep up.

Our sense of self is so often defined by what we do and who we do it with. So who are we when we suddenly lose that definition? We may lose a job, retire from a life-time of work, have an empty nest, or even suffer the loss of someone special. How do we define ourselves now? Is it possible to remain psychologically young in a biologically and chronologically ageing body?

Marji's little book tackles these big questions, drawing inspiration from those who have not let fear (of failure or success) stop them from living life to the full.

It is indeed a little book with a big heart, with inspirational vignettes taken from the extraordinary lives of respected Australians who have continued to achieve so much in their later years.

The early pages are punctuated with familiar names such as Jon Cleary, Judith Wright, Malcolm Fraser, and Laurie Daley.

The latter pages provide very simple and practical ways for each of us to overcome our fears and get stuck into life. It is sprinkled with humour and the original cartoon captions make it an easy read.

Marji Hill is a long-established and prolific non-fiction author with more than 60 titles to her name. Most have been released through mainstream publishers Angus and Robertson and Allen and Unwin in a genre one might describe as anthropological history.

The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) describes Marji Hill as an%% 'author, artist and research consultant who writes books for children and young adults to educate them about all aspects of Indigenous Australia and other Australian ethnicities'.
This new release is a departure from such a well-trodden path, and is an excursion into uncharted territory.

Marji Hill has taken her own advice and 'stepped out of [her own] comfort zone', to move away from the familiar, by both writing in a new genre and self-publishing.'

Marji Hill walks the talk. She is living proof that it is never too late to re-invent yourself, take chances, meet new people, and make new memories. "There's a dance or two in the old dame yet…"

'Staying Young Growing Old' by Marji Hill is available in large-print book form or Kindle eBook through Amazon .

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