Artistic Stanthorpe Walking Trail

Artistic Stanthorpe Walking Trail


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Stanthorpe is the beating heart of Southern Queensland's Granite Belt. It is also attracting a lot of artistic people and the town celebrates this with its growing collection of street murals and sculptors which make a walk through this little town well worth it.

The rise of street art in public towns

Country towns need to attract visitors and while there are plenty of places to eat in most towns, a few places to shop, and some historic buildings, most people are attracted to the natural locations outside of town. Public murals have often been a part of country towns, but recently, some towns, like Stanthorpe, have added a lot more murals, sculptors and other art in public spaces to attract visitors and keep them in town.

These artworks often employ locally based artists and might depict famous people, both contemporary and historic, as well as history, culture or just the whimsy of the artist. They also provide something interesting to do and Instagrammable to photograph when visiting town. Don't forget to stop in local shops and eat at local cafes and restaurants while you are there.

Highlights of Stanthorpe's Art Trail

A walk like this could start anywhere but the official place to start is at the Stanthorpe Library and Regional Art Gallery building located in Weeroona Park. Not only is the art gallery well worth visiting in its own right, but the park also has a few artworks as well.

For the young and the young at heart, there is interactive art. These murals are designed for you to pose in them for photographs.

Towns like Stanthorpe are proud of their history and murals depict both history and the people who were part of that history. One mural of note is a painting of Angelo Valiante, who was one of the first Italian migrants to move into the area.

With so many Italian migrants in Stanthorpe's history, there is, of course, art that depicts the old country. Head to Stanthorpe's little Piazza for a taste of Italy.

Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt is a thriving area but there are struggles and these struggles bring out the best in the locals. Whatever the weather, we stand together depicts 3 local heroes from the 2019 bushfires but symbolises the spirit of the town and region.

Street art needs alleys and there are a couple of little alleys in Stanthorpe which have been decorated with murals. As you walk through the streets, keep an eye out for art down the side lanes.

I am not sure about the deal with monkeys and Stanthorpe. But not only is there a sculptor of a monkey in the main street but other artworks also incorporate some hidden monkeys.

There are in fact a number of sculptors around town. These include the monkey mentioned already, seat sculptors to sit and relax located in Weeroona Park, the Egret on the Rock and more.

Beyond the street art

There are more free things to do in Stanthorpe beyond looking at street art. There are a number of little arts and crafts shops worth popping in to browse.

Of course, while wandering around town, you might combine it with Stanthorpe's history walking trail. This makes sense, as the street art walking trail will take you past a number of the historic buildings.

You can also head down to the creek where there is a 10 km walking circuit along the creek. If you are just looking for a short walk, then just do the short section up to historic Red Bridge.

You can also head up the Mount Marlay Lookout for views of the town. Fit people might choose to take one of the walking trails up the hill, though it is also easy enough to drive up as well.


Stanthorpe should be seen as more than a stop on the way to somewhere else. With street art, the creek walk, history, shopping and dining, you could spend much of a lazy day in town. Even if you are not stopping for long, a walk around the streets looking at street art is well worth it.

The author visited Stanthorpe as a guest of Southern Queensland Country Tourism.

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