Standley Chasm

Standley Chasm


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If you are planning a trip to Alice Springs, then you know that one of your priorities is to make a day trip of visiting the iconic gaps that have been scattered through this luscious, beautiful town in the Outback. Located just over an hour away from the Alice Springs CBD, has attracted tourists and natives alike for its deep red cleft rocks that are over 80 metres high.

Whether you're looking for leisure or adventure, the walking trail will surely impress you with the end-result, nonetheless. The Chasm trail involves rocks of varying shapes, sizes and textures. Therefore, it is essential that you wear appropriately fitted, closed-toe shoes that are not only comfortable to walk in, but also protective enough to prevent injuries that might occur due to the intensity of this trail.

It is best to visit right before noon time. By making your way to the Chasm through your preferred method of trail (there are three), you can experience the exquisite beauty of the Chasm at noon, when both pieces are illuminated at its finest by the natural sunshine that peeks through the cleft. is at its most dramatic an hour either side of noon on a sunny day. This brings to life the deep red that colour the cleft, making it a spectacle you don't want to miss.

For a very affordable entry fee of upto $8, the walking trail that leads you to the majestic is one that will make you fall in love with the nature surrounding it - rock formations that are constantly undergoing changes due to climate and natural conditions, little creeks that fill up with the water from the occasional spats of rain and spring-fed pools, and a generally wonderful ambience that makes this trail feel like an adventure for all walkers - novice and expert alike.There are three options of walking trails that visitors can choose from, and I really appreciated the options appealing to walkers of different staminas.

The trail I chose was (unsurprisingly) the easy option: a 20-minute walk that did not require much stamina from my part. I was quite pleased with this trail, as it was challenging but straight forward equally. There were some parts that even included wooden planks to help ease the transition from one part of the trail to the next, particularly where there was not much land to walk on.

Whether you are in need of a refresher after braving the trail, or are looking for a boost of energy for the trail, the Chasm kiosk will have you covered with their succinct but necessary range of options via their cafe area at the entrance. The people there are very friendly and are ready to cater to your basic needs. There is a bathroom that is located by the car park as well, so the place has you covered. If you are looking for the real adventure, you can even book to camp at the Chasm site overnight, complete with BBQ, picnic areas and other facilities available for use.

Here's another fantastic tourist attraction that you should aim on visiting, should you find yourself touring the Northern Territory (particularly Alice Springs) region. With an awe-inspiring view of natural rock formations, an adventurous walking trail and the general ambience of being in close contact with the fauna and flora surrounding this beautiful land, you're in for a treat!

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