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Posted 2023-06-07 by Zahra in the Saharafollow

I recently stayed at the Stamford Grand Hotel in Glenelg, Adelaide, and I have mixed feelings about my experience. It was a last-minute decision, as I was at a function supporting a friend, and it was late and safer to stay locally, which unfortunately cost a pretty penny. I also went back for another visit this week as a friend from interstate was staying there with her son. Let me start by saying that the hotel's location is truly remarkable. Situated right on the beach in the popular seaside suburb of Glenelg, the view from the hotel is absolutely stunning. Waking up to such a beautiful sight was definitely a highlight of my stay.

However, despite the fantastic location, I couldn't help but notice some shortcomings during my time at the hotel. Firstly, accessing the hotel could have been clearer as I couldn't use the entrance from Mosley Square. It's unclear when or if those doors are open anymore, as I tried both at night and early in the morning, which was disappointing having to walk around outside instead of through the building like before.

My room 621 at the Stamford Grand Hotel was comfortable, and the bed and pillows provided a good night's sleep. However, when it came to comparing it with my recent stay at the Pullmans, I couldn't help but notice a difference in attention to detail. The room service and associated charges were exorbitant, and the prices didn't quite match the quality of the food and service provided. I paid $329.00 for the accommodation and an additional $55.00 for two toasted sandwiches, two coffees, and one juice for breakfast via room service. The total cost, including a credit card fee, came to $388.09 for a last-minute walk-in suite, which felt excessive.

After the Pullman's refillable bottles, I noticed another area where the Stamford Grand Hotel could be more eco-friendly. The hotel still provides single-use shampoo and conditioner bottles, which is not in line with current efforts of South Australian policies to reduce single-use plastics. Additionally, the cups for room service were provided in takeaway cups, which caused the coffee to go cold quickly. Considering the room's price, I expected to find a plunger or coffee machine for a more convenient coffee experience, not paying and getting in paper cups.

I also noticed some maintenance and cleanliness issues during my time at the hotel. Fingerprints were visible all over the brass front door and above, and the glass looked dusty; maybe the location was near the beach. One of the lift buttons was not working, and certain facilities, like the sauna, could benefit from minor maintenance or upgrades. These small details may seem insignificant, but they do affect the overall impression of the hotel.

Check your charges
I found it frustrating that I was charged for the room upfront and had an additional hold placed on my card, totalling about $800, with the hotel advising that it would take 7-10 days for the hold to be released, which seemed unreasonable. It wasn't until I visited the hotel in person on Monday and raised the issue that the double charge was prioritised and removed. Based on my experience, I would recommend keeping a close eye on your credit card charges when staying at the Stamford Grand Hotel.

Despite these drawbacks, I must admit that the grandeur of the Stamford Grand Hotel still shines through. The breathtaking view and the vibrant location make it a desirable place to stay. The website claims it to be a beachfront resort with unparalleled luxury, and while it may not quite live up to the luxury aspect, it certainly offers a 4-star hotel experience with a 5-star view.

Dining in deals
Ensure a seamless dining experience by paying in advance when booking at the Stamford Grand Hotel. Take advantage of the varying deals available, including a tempting $25 buffet breakfast, as well as enticing lunch and dinner options, promoted at the reception area.

Would I stay at the Stamford Grand Hotel again?
Yes, primarily because of its unbeatable location.
However, I would only consider booking at the rack rate, or sites like and would avoid last-minute walk-ins. The hotel has the potential to be truly exceptional, but it needs to pay more attention to the finer details and update its practices to align with modern eco-friendly standards.

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