St Theodore's Church

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Replacing the original church in Rose Park, was built at the intersection of Prescott Terrace and Swaine Avenue to cater for the expanding suburb. The nave and tower bases were completed in 1914 with the vestry added about 40 years later.

Walking around the nave, you'll notice twelve columns. These represent the twelve apostles. Also visible are fourteen wooden carved panels depicting the stations of the cross as well as two warden wands. Believe it or not, the wands were once used to keep order in the church! I'm not sure what their purpose is today. Do share if you know.

In 1961, after a fire damaged the church, extensions were carried out and the sanctuary was added. A dominating timber cross suspended against a tessellated brick wall caught my eye straight away. In front of the wall are two altars - the high altar for festival services and the chancel altar for others. Carvings on the altar symbolise the Jesus fish, Christos, the Last Supper, Jesus and the Lamb. There is also a travelling altar at the back. A brass eagle lectern holds the Bible while a small aumbry stores consecrated anointing oils and communion wafers.

Symbolising Christ with us always, the light of the sanctuary lamp remains on at all times. The lamp also honours Flight Lieutenant Ronald Herapath who was killed on active duty in World War II. In fact, the vestry was built as a memorial to all who had served during the war. The pews, on the other hand, bear names of parishioners who served in World War I.

Lastly, the baptistery has a font in the middle with stained glass windows on each side. The three windows depict a crusader, Christ the Good Shepherd and St Francis of Assisi. An icon of St Theodore, as well as the Little Carpenter model, can be seen near the sanctuary if you look up. Outside is a small but lovely garden to sit in and ponder over life.

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