St Peters Bakehouse

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Posted 2022-11-15 by Jonathan Phoonfollow
in St Peters is one of three branches throughout Adelaide that offer a wide range of pastries and cakes along with sandwiches and wraps that can be enjoyed for lunch. While not yet available during our visit, the bakehouse plans to offer a selection of cooked brunch-style dishes for those desiring something different from the usual baked goods.

Their Chicken Caesar Wrap had a generous amount of chicken that was well seasoned, with the bacon providing a slightly salty taste. A generous amount of lettuce provided a fresh element and the mayonnaise tied everything together without masking the flavour of the other ingredients.

St Peters' Chunky Beef & Pepper Pie had tender chunks of beef of a good size and had the nice peppery taste that we expected. The pastry enclosing the filling was crisp and flaky, and topped with a sprinkling of black pepper. Rather than tomato sauce, the pie came with a serving of barbeque sauce.

The Fruit Scone was of a general size and had the light and fluffy texture of a good scone. Mixed throughout the scone were dried fruit to provide a hint of sweetness. If you desire, you can request for cream and jam to accompany the scone.

We liked that the chicken in the Chicken & Mushroom Pie was tender and the sauce binding the filling together was not too creamy. Mushrooms added extra flavour and the quality of the pastry was as good as that of the Chunky Beef & Pepper Pie. As you would expect, the pie was accompanied with some tomato sauce.

Prepared fresh to order, there was a bit of wait time for the Double Egg & Bacon Roll, compared to their baked goods and sandwiches. The egg was cooked just right and the bacon was not too tough. Tomato sauce ensured it was not too dry and we liked that the roll was toasted slightly. It can be ordered as a combo with a cup of coffee to make a complete meal by itself.

The texture of the Chocolate Brownie is the fudgy type typical of American Brownies. It had a delectable chocolatey flavour without being too sweet. Mixed throughout the brownie were chopped nuts to provide a bit of texture.

The d├ęcor of the bakehouse gave it a homey feel and there is a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Off-street parking is available in the carpark at the side of the bakehouse.

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