St Mary's Basilica Society of Change Ringers

St Mary's Basilica Society of Change Ringers


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I hear them bells a ringin'… and now I sees them!

No doubt if you are familiar with Sydney, then you are most probably already aware of the majestic architectural site that is St Mary's Cathedral. You might have even heard the Cathedral bells ringing in the pilgrims early on a Sunday morning, or on the off chance during your lunch break basking by the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park. Located smack bang right in the city centre, St Mary's is a historical sight set amongst the impressive backdrop of the Sydney city skyline.

Now although your standard self-guided tour through the Cathedral is free to the public and nothing particularly new. At one point or another, you may have inadvertently turned your gaze upwards in wonderment of the Cathedrals many hidden layers of architectural and historical grandeur. You might have even given a second thought to some of the Cathedral's many societies volunteering behind the scenes. Maybe you even imaged who it might be, scurrying about up there in the rooftops, hidden from public view? One such society within the Cathedral's walls whom welcomes said inquisitors, is the . This society usually operates from the Cathedral's central edifice; better know as the Cardinal's Tower. Here is home to the Cathedral's 14 bells that can range in weight from as little as 281kg to a whopping 1741kg and are known as St Mary's peal.

You can visit the Cardinal's Tower with friends and family to experience an amazing display showcasing years of hard work, dedication and experience as the volunteer bell ringers invite you in to watch them perform on a Sunday morning. Follow the Tower Captain as you are led up through the unique winding staircases and old crafted corridors to the top of the Cathedral. There you'll find unmatched views of Sydney city, as you are warmly welcomed into the Cardinal's Tower. If you're lucky enough (or perhaps just ask nicely), the Tower Captain might even escort you and your friends up into the Bell chamber where you can examine Sydney's oldest bell tower and pose with St Mary's peals cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry of London. The invitation is free of charge and tea, coffee and biscuits usually follow the performance.

You might even feel inspired to have a go at bell ringing yourself and join the gang of multi-faith musicians who make up the .

But if you're just keen to have a nosey about one of Sydney's most powerful architectural and historical sites, you can contact the Tower Captain on 0438 697 809 or visit the website for more information.

Before you go you might like to brush up on your bell ringing vocabulary. For an interesting glossary of 'ringing' terms see here

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