Springvale Market

Springvale Market


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With living prices sky-rocketing and salaries being slashed/frozen and all the doom and gloom of the world economy, demand for finding good quality groceries at a cheap price is on the rise. Going to the markets instead of gracing the red carpet of the big supermarkets is proving to be more and more viable, every passing day.

If you are in the lookout for a cheap and good local market then Springvale market is the place for you.

[SECTION]Market Overview[/SECTION]

Springvale market is not one of your high end markets with all the glitz and glamour to attract a horde of customers. However, what it lacks in ostentation it makes up for in substance. Accessible both by car (parking around $1-$2 per hour) and public transport (only minutes away from the Springvale railway station), Springvale market is a meeting ground for all Melbournians, looking for fresh produce at a bargain. Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 6pm, this place is the ultimate location for cheap shopping for all kinds of household needs. It is worth mentioning that most stores only accept cash therefore keep some cash handy to avoid any kind of disappointment.

Springvale market is divided into multiple sections aimed at catering to the varied needs of customers. Ranging from fruits to veggies, from fish to meat, from two-dollar shops to DVDs, from snacks to coffee, you name it and you got it in this market. Do not be misled about the size of this market from the outside, it is actually a lot bigger than it seems since the market is actually divided into multiple buildings. Explore your way around and you will be surprised by what you discover.

The veggie market is enormous with a number of stores stocking both local and foreign veggies. The meat section has a wide array of meat, coming in all shapes, sizes and colours. The seafood section is a must-see. Even if you are not a sea-food person, you should check out the seafood stores in the Springvale market. Options include both fresh and frozen seafood. Take your pick from the massive king prawns, mudcrabs, barramundi, salmon, oysters and the list goes on. If you are feeling averse towards the idea of choosing a crustacean or getting a whole fish then there is a special shop for you in the seafood section which specialises in selling fillets.

Once the grocery shopping has been done and dusted, check out the Asian stores for your weekly stock of wasabi peas, tamarind lollies, prawns crackers and rice cookies. Do not forget to drop into the two-dollar shops to buy household goods like kitchen stuff, trolleys, trays, shelves etc.

[SECTION]Price Comparison[/SECTION]

Everything is very cheap in Springvale market. The veggies and fruits sell at half of the price or even one-third the price of those of the big supermarkets (I am looking at your Coles and Woolworths). The seafood prices vary but are definitely cheaper than the big supermarkets. Low price is certainly not a bad reflection of the quality of the food. The veggies are always fresh and the fruits are delicious, fresh and juicy. The fish is fresh and at times you can catch a glimpse of the mudcrabs still endeavouring to claw away. Walk in around 5pm or 6pm (closing times) and you will land yourself massive bargains with whole bags of oranges selling for $2-$3 each or whole bags of lemons for $2 each.

[SECTION]Food, drinks and final word[/SECTION]

If your heart is craving for food then Springvale market has got you covered. You can opt for one of the many snack shops to grab some quick snack or relax in one of the many restaurants for delicious Asian cuisine.

If all the shopping has got you exhausted and parched and your heart is lusting after something refreshing then try out a small/medium/large glass of freshly made sugarcane juice. Made right before your eyes, the sugarcane juice is potent with natural fruit sugar which not only boosts your energy level but also peps up your mood. Priced around $3.50 to $5, the delectable sugar-cane juice is a beautiful way to finish off your day in Springvale market. At the end of your inaugural visit to Springvale market, you are guaranteed to leave with a tune in your heart, a still considerably heavy wallet and a desire to return the following week/weekend.

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