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Spout is a brand new cafe that has popped up on Glen Eira Rd in Ripponlea on a stretch of shops that must be one of the few in Melbourne that doesn't have an established cafe on it. The people behind Spout must've done their homework as they have positioned themselves in a great location where after only a few weeks, the popularity of this very well designed cafe has done nothing but rise.

This stretch of shops has a lot going for it with some really nice restaurants such as the highly recognised Attica, which is situated only a few shops down the road. Yet, for many years there has been no cafe on the strip and with no cafe has meant that the area hasn't got the same Melbourne charm as perhaps many of the other streets around. Ripponlea in general isn't particularly well known for its cafe/restaurant/street charms, although the area itself is quite picturesque with gardens and parks nearby. In saying this, Spout is definitely going to help change this viewpoint.

As the premiere cafe on the street, Spout has the important task of making sure that it is of a high enough quality to make people stray from their usually coffee holes on perhaps Carlisle Street or Chapel Street. One coffee or one meal off their amazing menu will definitely make you want to return. The coffee was actually one of the better coffees I've had in a long time. I asked for a strong soy latte and it was perfectly aromatic and the soy they used gave that nutty edge I've grown fond of in my coffee.

The area in which I was most impressed however, was the menu. This Middle Eastern inspired menu is one where you scan down each item and nod your head in delight for each dish. I don't think I've ever wanted to try so many different dishes off one single menu. When they came out, they were presented beautifully where the one pan "big breakfast" style meal was served in a pan that had eggs, bacon, chorizo, spinach, mushroom and tomato with fresh sourdough on the side. It looked delectable and tasted even better.

Their rustic design is typically Melbourne with a communal table inside, lots of open windows and a warm welcoming ambiance, meaning the place is always alive with young people, as well as couples and families having a chat. The only downside is perhaps the fact that the outside tables are on the pathway. Although, in good weather the cafe is so well positioned that the sun rises and sets at the perfect angle so that it is always in the warm sunlight.

This cafe ticks all the boxes. I was thoroughly impressed with the waitress who was confident enough to recommend a dish that I was tossing up between and in turn gave me confidence in the quality of their food. The design and layout is relaxed and friendly; I'm a sucker for some dim hanging lights above the tables for added warmth. Inside is cosy and outside is sunny, so the place really has an option to suit any crowd, which is probably the most important factor for a cafe that's trying to become established on a street that is yet to experience a good quality cafe. The people of Ripponlea will be ecstatic that a radiant cafe has sprouted in their area.

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