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Spookiest Places to Visit in WA

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by Sarah Cork (subscribe)
A freelance writer living in Perth, WA. Not the droid you're looking for.
Published July 7th 2012
Spookiest Places to Visit in WA

Do you like scary movies? Have you ever seen a ghost? Then a trip to one of these scary places and you will be sure to see something that gives you the chills and you'll never look at scary movies the same again. If you don't see a ghost, perhaps you're not looking hard enough.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
Old Fremantle Prison Tunnels

Every country has their spooky old buildings and haunted houses with weird tales of ghosts and unexplained happenings. Here in Western Australia we have quite a few and you can actually visit most of them. There are guided tours, torchlight tours and ghost tours available in some areas and other places you are just welcome to wander around as you please.

A couple of the poplular spooky tours on offer are the Fremantle Ghost Walks or the Fremantle Tram Tours - Ghostly Tours.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, it can be fun and interesting to visit some of the spookiest places in Western Australia. Visit these places at your own peril and be warned these tours are not for the faint-hearted.

Fremantle Arts Centre

The Fremantle Arts Centre used to be a mental asylum in the early 1800's. It was converted into a women's home for poor and elderly women in 1909, then in 1946 it became the Fremantle Technical School.

The building was refurbished and renovated in the 1950's and in 1973 became a museum for the arts. There are many stories of cold spots, sightings and unexplained images, there have even been reports of physical experiences such as being touched on the shoulder or kissed on the cheek when there is no-one there. Doors are said to open and close on their own, objects move by themselves and there have been reports of strange lights.

The building is always cold, even in summer. There are said to be at least three ghosts including one of a lady who haunts the walkways grieving for her lost baby. There are many dark stories about mistreatment, disease and violent death dating back to the time when the building was an lunatic asylum.

The Fremantle Arts Centre has a reputation for being one of Western Australia's most haunted buildings.

Old Fremantle Prison

The Old Fremantle Prison is one of the most haunted places in WA. The Prison originally held some of the most notorious and violent criminals in the country. Forty-four people were executed there over the years and the gallows room is very creepy.

The building is very eerie and cold and the cells are small and dank. During a tour you can see the cells, the gallows, the morgue, the solitary cells, the whipping post and the exercise yard. Strolling along the walkways is an experience and being in the Prison gives you an eerie feeling.

Some people even refuse to enter the building as it is so spooky. There are reports of strange noises and lights, doors opening and closing by themselves, ghostly shadows, cold spots and strange feelings that someone is behind you.

Death row is especially creepy and legend has it that mass murderer David Burney's ghost has been seen in this part of the prison. He was an inmate in Fremantle Prison and they had to have a special cell constructed for him to segregate him from the other prisoners - you can see inside this spooky cell - enter if you dare.

It is said that a lady in grey haunts the stairs and walkways and it is thought that this is the ghost of the only woman ever hanged in Fremantle Prison. There have been many reports of a face at the window of the prison church.

There are regular tours of the old prison including a Torchlight Tour, Tunnels Tour, Great Escapes Tour and Doing Time Tour.


The Old Bakery in Nannup was built in the early 1900's and abandoned in the 1930's, just walking into the place gives you the chills. The old baking pans and equipment are still there and it is said that you can sometimes smell fresh baking and hear the noise of a cash register.

Residents of Nannup claim to hear voices in the building and at night you can hear the voices of a man and a woman arguing and the banging of pots.

Mahogany Creek

The Mahogany Inn in Mahogany Creek was built in the early 1800's and is said to be haunted by Moondyne Joe, the famous bush ranger. It is said that Moondyne Joe used the attic at the Mahogany Inn as a hide out when evading the police. Staff and visitors have mentioned ghostly noises and experiences.

Oakabella Homestead

Oakabella Homestead, located north of Perth - between Geraldton and Northhampton, is often said to be the most haunted house in Western Australia. There has been much reported paranormal activity at Oakabella, doors that open and close by themselves, the feeling of a 'presence', strange lights, smells and temperature drops.

The Homestead sits on 50,000 acres of land and was built in 1851. Seeped in spooky history it is like a museum, untouched for many years. There are stories of curses, dead children, strange accidents, great sickness, accidental suicide, a secret affair, and a murder. Apparently this place is a spiritual portal; a place built on native sacred ground and is a "magnet" for spiritual energy.

Visitors are warned not take any souvenirs away from Oakabella Homestead or the surrounding land, not even rocks or pebbles. It may just be superstition but there are many tales of jinxes and curses associated with this place.


Camp Quaranyup was a port where ships came in and a quarantine station. It is said to be haunted by several ghosts.

Sightings of a young girl in an old fashioned nightgown have been reported. A heavy branch is said to break and fall near a gravestone in the old camp graveyard even when there is no wind and the ghost of a young man whose body was buried under the floorboards of a house in the camp can be seen walking around on certain nights.

Image Courtesy of the Camp Quaranup Website
Old Camp Hospital built in 1875

The Albany Salt Flats are a bit eerie, they have deep holes in them one day and then they're gone the next.

Albany Family Christian Church is said to be haunted, several people have died in mysterious circumstances or unusual accidents here.


About 620 Km from Perth is the ghost town of Cue. Before World War 1 Cue was home to over 10,000 residents now the population is about 300. The town was struck by gold fever and then tragically by typhoid. The majority of the buildings are abandoned and Cue seems to be frozen in time. The buildings are open to the public and they look exactly as they did when they were abandoned all those years ago.

Once Cue was a rich mining town but in the 19th century the town was plagued by typhoid fever which killed most of the prospectors. The ruins of the old hospital still stand and there are reports of strange lights, shadowy figures and sounds - especially in the night.

Most of the abandoned buildings are open to the public. Visit the crematorium, the abandoned mine, the masonic hall, the old shops and deserted houses.

It is advisable to check in at the local police station and let them know you are visiting the ghost town. Don't worry - they are very friendly.

Image Courtesy of the Shire of Cue Website
Old Masonic Lodge


Toodyay is another haunted WA town with plenty of abandoned old spooky buildings to visit. A town rich in history, folklore tales of ghost and hauntings, mysterious sightings, strange lights and temperature drops. There are reports of at least three ghostly old ladies, mysteries of dead children and a murdered barmaid.

The Toodyay Tavern has two haunted rooms, an eerie well in the cellar and the ghost of an old lady that roams the corridors. Visit the old jail, Ipswich View or the museum.

The historical Toodyay Cemetery is on the outskirts of the town and you can spend some time wandering between the graves and reading the headstones.

Moondyne Joe, the famous bush ranger, lived in Toodyay with his wife and child, for a while, and spent some time in the jail there, although he kept escaping. The family seem to have disappeared, at some stage as there are no records or history after Toodyay. Moondyne Joe was found wondering the streets of Perth, old and disturbed and lived out his remaining years in the Perth Lunatic Asylum. He is buried in Fremantle Cemetery in a pauper's grave.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
Toodyay Old Goal
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Why? If you believe in ghosts and haunted houses a trip to one of these spooky places will surely give you the chills.
Your Comment
I've also heard about the old York Hospital...which was used as a backpacker hostel and venue for school camps until about 10 or 20 years ago. There's some seriously spooky stories on-line if you do a search for it!
The old Gerldton Hospital and the old convict-built gaol next door are also pretty spooky...
by Carolyn Hopping (score: 2|966) 3964 days ago
I feel like I should have a holiday over there in my ghost busters costume! Cool article, can't wait to see those sites one day soon.
by m. (score: 2|474) 3264 days ago
I once stayed at geraldton camp school in bluff point and in the night me and a few mates heard unexplained noises like footsteps flickering of the exit sign light etc. if anyone knows anything please let me know tnx
by jaiic (score: 0|4) 3398 days ago
Try the Abandoned Fremantle Power station, or the abandoned Mansion in Ellenbrook. They make you feel quite uneasy at night time.
The best/scariest by far was the abandoned mental asylum near the new one. Last time I went there there was a can rolling UP hill.. bloody creepy!
by Tom (score: 2|798) 3984 days ago
The Old Cue Hotel is definately haunted.I own it and I slept there the other night and it sounded like they were having a party in the next room.
There has been several sightings over the last 18 months.
I didn't believe in ghosts before but maybe I do now.
by linds (score: 0|4) 3613 days ago
You said you own the old cue hotel, I'm a ghost hunter and like to know if me and my crew would be able to stay the night there and gather evidence. I am very i interested in the paranormal and would love to experience some more spooky things. I have got some evidence before evps and photos of spirits. Please get back to me ASAP
-kiara Leggett
by Deadr (score: 0|4) 3442 days ago
Spooky Perth! Don't people just love scaring themselves silly? ;)
by Katy Holliday (score: 3|1133) 3631 days ago
the Oakabella Homestead and Nannup bakery and acutally real many people have heard noises including me the Oakabella homestead is just to scary things are opening and closing at night that was extremly spooky
by sukhm (score: 0|2) 3053 days ago
the Oakabella Homestead and Nannup bakery and acutally real many people have heard noises including me the Oakabella homestead is just to scary things are opening and closing at night that was extremly spooky
by sukhm (score: 0|2) 3053 days ago
Some friends and I stayed at the Priory Hotel in Dongara, in the dorms directly above the bar. Brrrrrr, spooky! I'm not normally spooked, but that building definitely gave me shivers!
by dionn (score: 0|2) 2756 days ago
There's also the old York Hospital, though not open to the public. And Blackwood Inn Mullalyup.
by Ellie (score: 0|7) 3984 days ago
I use to live in the matrons quarters on the same property as the old York hospital and went in the building countless times I can confirm it is haunted from personal experiences and the matrons quarters is also haunted (where I lived for 5 years) had a lot of little experiences 2 that scared the living crap out of me.. I no that tours aren't available as the lovely tony and sue have made the old York hospital their home. Just confirming as I expected it to be on this site!
by loopy (score: 0|2) 3101 days ago
What's the address for the Mahogany Inn mahogany creek house? Does anyone know?
by Jessi (score: 0|2) 3172 days ago
Great Eastern Hwy Mahogany Creek, (cnr Homestead rd.)
by panze (score: 0|2) 3171 days ago
Midland Town Hall ghost tours...........see for yourself!
by Gerleti (score: 0|2) 3260 days ago
Albany does not have :salt flats: are you talking about a dried up salt lake?
by deltr (score: 0|3) 3268 days ago
Would point out that it's "David Birnie", not "David Burney" who was imprisoned at Fremantle.
Cue was not "plagued by typhoid"- there was_one_ typhoid outbreak soon after its founding- which did not "[kill] almost all the prospectors". Cue's heyday- and the building of the hospital- was not until about a decade after the typhoid outbreak. The town's downfall was a combination of World War 1 taking away most of the young men, then the Great Depression leading to a drop in gold prices.
Some of the "information" in this article appears to be lifted straight from another webpage.
It's unfortunate that what could have been an informative article is spoiled by half-truths and local urban legends.
by ace (score: 1|34) 3357 days ago
One of the nightclubs in Fremantle were also a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane
by Taris (score: 0|2) 1958 days ago
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