Dr D Clutter's Spectacular Carnivalesque

Dr D Clutter's Spectacular Carnivalesque


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Sat 14 Feb 2015

Dr. D. Clutter's Spectacular Carnivalesque

Dr. D. Clutter's Spectacular Carnivalesque is an 1800's themed, festival providing splendiferous entertaining by Brillig , roving performers, fortune tellers, and many surprises. But do watch those grubby street urchins, they are likely up to no good!

I was having a lovely cuppa at Red Lime Shack in Port Adelaide when their inhouse Tarot Card reader told me that owner, Steph, was helping to organise a trip back in time on February 14. So I chatted with Steph, the time warp woman. And this is what it is all about.

Steph: "It will happen in the laneway between the old Port Adelaide/Enfield council chambers. It's pretty safely enclosed, and between two double brick buildings, so regardless of the weather it's well sheltered. The lane is just used as a walkway, and already has a bit of an 1800's feel about it. On February 14th, it will be turned into an 1880's themed Carnivalesque. This takes the idea of a carnival to the next level. Expect the unexpected, so it's really in the spirit of old Port Adelaide . We're doing things in a topsy turvy way."

Me: Have you been involved with this Carnivalesque previously?

Steph: "No, this is its first year. We want people to feel they've gone back to 1880. There's going to be street urchins, Jack the Ripper, a man on tall stilts, mystics reading people's futures through crystal balls. There will be vendors and street food stalls decorated in an 1880's feel, and a wine bar, coffees, smoothies, cold drinks all from our local businesses."

Me: Is the plan for people to dress up for the event?

Steph: "We're hoping they do. The night before is Friday 13th, so our cafe staff are dressing up for a pre-Carnivalesque teaser. The staff love getting theme dressed. Certainly the vendors have been invited to get in character, as have the many street performers."

Me: And you were saying there's this festive, macabre, unpredictable air about the place. Is it still ok for little kids?

Steph: "Yes! It does go until 10pm, but the day is all about kids. There's Mrs. Mill's Workhouse Workshop, so it's like worker children. They'll be making puppets after the puppet show. There's Punch & Judy for kids in the day, and Punch & Judy for adults at night with a darker twist."

Me: So the kids doing Mrs. Mill's Workhouse puppets are like sweatshop workers. Awesome, put them to work!

Steph: "Yes, they don't know that in so far as it'll be light hearted and fun."

Me: Makes me think of Adelaide's Immigration Museum. When my son's school went I loved that they had to dress in period costume, and were spoken to as if they were living in the era, but it was still fun and light.

Steph: "Yes and we're also bringing in our local historian to share stories about the history of the place. And our local choir will be singing sea shanties, and scary songs. And I believe there's a song about Port Adelaide. They'll be like a 'pop up' choir, where one person starts singing and slowly the whole thing comes together. There's also Brillig, a well known local band whose style is almost already in the 19th century feel. Gypsy Junkies, and talented buskers will also try leaning towards the theme. And street circus! Some of these things aren't even on the program, the event just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And a vintage hair up styling event by The Pin Up Lounge Salon "

Me: It may be spilling out beyond the lane way a little... this is so rich. You know, as a parent, these are the kinds of things I want my son to come and enjoy. Understanding a bit of history, and really immersing himself in, and experiencing what life was like. Kids love this, going back to that simpler time.

Steph: "Yes, it's really a play space in your mind, for both adults and children. However you come along, you'll leave your present world at the front door because there is so much to enjoy, and something will be going on the whole time."

And hey, it's Valentine's Day. Take your one true love to a mystic and have your fortunes told. Dress 1880's style.

Make it a memorable one and get down to the port all day and night Saturday, Feb 14 for the first ever Carnivalesque Lane - the Spectacular Carnivalesque! $10 for adults, and kids get in for free. Purchase at FringeTix, or pay on the day.

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