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When COVID-19 hit Australia last year (and more specifically, South Australia), a number of local businesses were forced to halt all operations and in addition to becoming a race for survival, they had all their products and services at high risk of going to waste. One such business has been Sparkke at the Whitmore, which has made quite a name for themselves for being one of the most progressive breweries out there.

Instead of letting their hard work go to waste in a pandemic-ridden world, the fine crew at Sparkke decided to find a creative way to revive the remnants of thousands of litres of beautiful brews (beers, cider, and hard lemonade) that had to be stored away while we were locked down. Cue the birth of ' Full Circle range.

Based on the collective themes of transformation and renewal, Full Circle Spirits aim to offer its customers with a delicious and aromatic journey of flavours that combine fresh and locally-sourced ingredients such as crushed apples, juiced lemons and grapefruit from the orchards of the Riverlands, along with ginger sourced from Buderim.

Adding to their repertoire of distilling innovation, sustainability and tasting excellence, Full Circle Spirits encompasses a range of delectable flavours, including:

Honey Malt Liqueur : Distilled from their award-winning, 100% natural pale ale and ginger beer, this liqueur offers the warmth of cinnamon, the sweetness of organic honey, and the woody notes of oak.
Red Amaro : Undeniably, one of the smoother Negronis that you will experience, this brightly-coloured spirit is a more sophisticated and contemporary nod to Campari and Aperol.
Lemon Flower Gin : A Gin classic that will make your G&T remind you of the lemons from the Riverlands of SA.
Autumn Quince Gin : Infusing the Lemon Flower Gin with freshly-baked organic quinces, this spirit boasts of flavours that replicate that of a sweet ripe peach and orange blossom. Basically autumn in a bottle.
and Strawberry Limoncello : Summer in a bottle, this drink is distilled from the resident hard lemonade and celebrates the taste of fresh Adelaide Hills lemons and strawberries.

These bottles are not only elegant in their presentation, but also a velvety delight for your tastebuds. However, if you are unsure on which one is right for you, the Full Circle Trilogy Phials is the perfect way to prepare your palate for the drops and simultaneously find the ones that tickles your fancy. Packaged with six glass phials that are nestled in recycled wood-wool, this is a unique limited-edition collection that makes for a wonderful gift for those who love artisanal and thoughtfully crafted spirits and allows you to go on a journey - the Full Circle kind.

Sparkke at the Whitmore now stocks limited quantities of their latest venture Full Circle at 317 Morphett Street, Adelaide SA 5000. You can order your own bottle from the range by visiting the bar or jumping online.

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