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Southside Bistro


Posted 2016-05-02 by Jane Wongfollow

As someone who lives on the southside of Brisbane with a dog, I was beside myself when I found out there was a new dog friendly restaurant that is open till midnight every day. Gone are the days when I have to drive out to the city/Southbank/Paddington/West End etc. to find a dog friendly restaurant. I don't think there are as many dog friendly restaurants on the southside compared to the inner suburbs/northside - anyone with me on this?

has an extensive menu of tapas, burgers, and desserts. They also have specials on during the day, including lunch, dinner, and late night (10:30pm onwards). Their cuisine can be classified as 'Asian Fusion', or, as I like to call it, Australasian. For example, their burgers are called 'mantou burgers' - for those who don't know, mantou is a type of Chinese steamed bun/bread. My friend had this - it looked (and apparently tasted) amazing.

I've been to on multiple occasions now, and I've tried quite a few of their dishes. I'm not someone who usually takes photos of their food, so I don't have photos of all of them. However, I would definitely recommend the wagyu fat roasted french fries with homemade herb aioli - so good (for the tastebuds, but probably not so healthy). It costs only $5 for a small bowl, and $8 for a large - you can easily share this with your friends, to lessen the guilt a little. That's what I did - although I did end up eating more than my fair share. Sorry!

Aside from the amazing food, also has a great ambience to match. Everything, from the music to the seating arrangements, was perfect. Service was quick, and staff were really friendly, to both me and my dog Eddy. Here are some more photos of the restaurant, so you can get a good feel for what the place is like.

has made a regular customer out of me - I come here at least weekly, with Eddy always in tow. Hopefully more restaurants like this will crop up on the southside of Brisbane - fingers crossed!

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