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Posted 2018-03-29 by Justine de Jongefollow
When we think about food, we can jump to thoughts about nourishing ourselves. It's true that we need to nourish ourselves, but what are we nourishing specifically? Nourishment occurs for our physical bodies and emotional selves; food for the soul, so to speak. So where can we find food for the soul in Melbourne's east? at Eastfield Shopping Centre in Croydon South to be exact.

is the culinary brainchild of plant-based food expert and author (best known for Vegiehead website) Adele McConnell, and Eastfield Organics shop-owner and organic food activist Daniela De Martino. The vacant space next to Eastfield Organics became vacant only several months ago, which seemed like an act of fate. This business could finally work alongside a cafe with identical food ethics and a passion for organic plant-based foods.

Since then, has opened its doors to a constant wave of customers keen to nourish themselves. They're doing so with Soulpod's wholesome and fulfilling dishes made with organic, plant-based ingredients. Those who are vegan in the area have found their 'local' without the hassle of travelling too far. Those who are curious about plant-based foods have found a comforting and encouraging locale where they can explore what is possible.

The menu is ever-changing and consistently evolving, as revealed by 's enticing specials blackboard. After a few visits, diners have already been treated to new meals each time such as vegetable lasagne, dhal and rice, chunky salad bowls, 'peasant' soup and 'zoodles' (zucchini pasta) with basil pesto sauce. All meals are seasonally crafted, hearty and filling. has also created treats for its guests with a carefully-curated menu of hot and cold drinks, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices (all with energy-boosting benefits) and a cake cabinet filled with sweet treats from raw fruity slices to baked rosewater cupcakes. ' hot chocolate with a choice of milk (coconut, almond or soy) is an extra treat made from house-made chocolate fudgy sauce.

A brunch section has recently been added to the menu, which accentuates the various events that aims to create; even for special occasions such as their Valentine's Day three-course dinner. Catering for special events is also available to guests looking for platters and cakes lovingly created for the customer.

Locals in Melbourne's east are already understanding and appreciating the need to nourish themselves. is thus meeting these needs within the local food scene serving delicious organic ingredients abound in its unique menu. The ever-friendly and welcoming staff also ensures your soul is well-fed wholeheartedly. The only negative here is having a local eating destination that's way too close to home. You may just want to keep dining here and keep coming back. Still, your body and soul will definitely thank you for it.

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