Songs Saying Thank You

Songs Saying Thank You


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We are staying with reader requests. This is a simple request, and so I decided to tackle it.

A person requested this in time for a special personal occasion at the end of May. I have a few columns waiting for me to cut the song choice down, but this one and the occasion it is for (I promised I would not broadcast it) made me put my effort into this instead.

They want to thank a number of people, and so asked for songs that thanked people, even if sarcastically. This is songs where the singer says “thanks” or “thank you” to a person, persons or something else. Not saying they are thankful, but actually offering their thanks.

With that in mind, here are songs that Say Thank You.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Thank you, unless used sarcastically, is most often in songs a sincere expression of gratitude. The songwriter wants to offer this, and they feel the best way to do it is through the medium of music, and we can live vicariously through them so easily.

It does mean many songs are possibly sappy.

So, we have this list. The normal rules apply: the song title must include “thank you” or “thanks” (or a derivative), one song per artist, one version of each song, no live only releases, I need to like the song. They are listed in chronological order, the date of first release, either as single or the home album. These are not just charting singles, but songs from my collection that fulfil the requirement and that I like.

Here are 15 songs that Say Thank You!

I Thank You’ by Johnny O’Keefe (1962)

Johnny O’Keefe is renowned for being the first Australian rock and roll star, a yeller by design, and yet one of his most enduring songs is this mid-tempo croon. I have it on 45, and it is worn, but it is still a good track expressing thanks. He also re-recorded it in 1976, but the original is the best.

Thank The Lord For The Night Time’ by Neil Diamond (1967)

Very early Neil Diamond here, with a decent up-tempo rock song, one that, when you listen to a Greatest Hits album, comes on and sets such a good tone for the rest of his output. Considering how many Diamond songs get recorded by other artists, I am surprised at how few covers there are of this.

Thank U Very Much’ by The Scaffold (1967)

In Australia, this song hit the modern consciousness through being used to promote a charity through the 1980s and 1990s, but it is still a strange little song from the British modern-day music hall act The Scaffold. And, yes, Paul McCartney’s brother is in the band.

I Thank You’ by Sam & Dave (1968)

Sam & Dave were sold short in my Shout Songs column , but here they can thank people to their heart’s content. This is just a great song with the Stax house band backing them. ZZ Top do a pretty good cover version as well.

Thank You’ by Led Zeppelin (1969)

Led Zeppelin II was an interesting follow-up to the band’s first album, going even heavier and more into the blues-rock. However, this song, a love song by Robert Plant to his wife, stands out on the collection as so different, and it could well be why people remember it so fondly. The whole album, by the way, is just brilliant.

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)’ by Sly And The Family Stone (1969)

Early funk from one of the finest exponents of the genre, this was a number one charting song and deservedly so. This set the template for so much music that came after through the 1970s.

Thank God I’m A Country Boy’ by John Denver (1974)

I was debating whether to put in songs that thank a deity, but this track is so infectious that I dare you to listen without at least tapping your foot. While the live version was the one that charted, the original album cut came out earlier, and is still a heap of fun. But, yes, live, it is amazing… and that’s why it’s here.

Thank You For The Music’ by Abba (1977)

Yes, it’s schmaltzy, but I do like this track from one of the best bands to ever come out of mainland Europe. It’s been covered a few times as well, but nothing comes close to the wonderful original.

Thank You For Sending Me An Angel’ by Talking Heads (1978)

While not released as a single, this track is still an amazing piece of music that just thumps along with the rhythm section really driving the beat. Talking Heads are vastly under-rated for their musicianship and it’s tracks like this that reinforce that. Oh, and the live version from Stop Making Sense is incredible.

Thank You For Being A Friend’ by Andrew Gold (1978)

Probably best known for being used as the theme song to the 1980s TV sitcom The Golden Girls (though sung by someone else), this song in its original form is a really good track that offers thanks to a friend just for being that friend. Really cool sentiment.

Thank You’ by Dido (1998)

I admit, I discovered this song through its use in Eminem’s classic ‘Stan’, but as a song on its own, it is still quite good and I can understand why Eminem used it the way he did. Dido’s voice is so smooth, and this slice of laid-back pop has become highly regarded in its own right.

Thank You (For Loving Me At My Worst)’ by The Whitlams (2000)

Piano-driven rock from a band I saw live a couple of times. This is a great track that just pumps along and is not as well considered as I think it should be. Mind you, I think The Whitlams are overlooked a lot more than they should be as well.

Thnks fr th Mmrs’ by Fall out Boy (2007)

This is sarcastic, a guy thanking a girl for the one-night stand they had. It is also, in my opinion, one of FOB’s best songs. It’s just weird hearing school students use it as a song to say goodbye to their schooling life; don’t people listen to lyrics, do they?

Thank You’ by Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats (2015)

Album cut from a vastly underrated album from 2015, which saw two charting singles, and then the band sort of fell off. The whole album is really strong, and so even the album cuts are well worth your time. Like this.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish’ by Perfect Circle (2018)

Yes, I know the title is a reference to a magnificent Douglas Adams book (and the last message dolphins gave to the Earth before leaving), but this song is just a good bit of pop-rock that I don’t think did anything chart-wise.

Okay, this has to be a first – a topic song list with no 1980s tracks! The 1960s and 1970s seemed to be much more thankful decades and then came the end of the 1990s into the twenty-first century, so there is certainly a large amount of different musical genres here to explore. 15 tracks that say thank you; and, as always, I hope you found something to enjoy here!


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