Songs About Water

Songs About Water


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I am back to reader requests! A reader from the US contacted me and asked if I could do some songs about water and oceans and things. I looked through my music collection, and it appears I can probably do a few columns based on what she wants.

As such, let’s start with generic songs about water. Just water, the wet stuff people swim in and we need to drink to stay alive. That water. And there are a surprisingly large amount of songs about just water.

Here are Songs About Water!

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Water represents either a flow of things, like time, or a barrier. It can also represent tears, rain or cleaning oneself. So many meanings behind that simple word in metaphor and allusion in song. However, sometimes it just means water.

The rules: the word “water” (not “waterfall”) must appear in the title, one version of each song, one song per band, and I need to like the song. They are listed in chronological order, the date of first release, either as single or the home album. These are not just charting singles, but songs from my collection that fulfill the requirement and that I like.

Here are twelve songs about WATER!

Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon & Garfunkel (1970)

There is something about Art Garfunkel’s voice that elevates the songs Paul Simon wrote for the duo. And this is one of their best known and finest songs, a beautiful piece of music. Often covered, never bettered, this is glorious.

Fire And Water’ by Free (1970)

The title track of Free’s third album is one of the better songs on that collection, a record that had one single (‘All Right Now’). While not as good as that track, it is still a fine song.

Smoke On the Water’ by Deep Purple (1972)

This was the first song I thought of when this topic was suggested. It is one of the most classic of classic rock songs, and it is really a news report about a real incident. Deep Purple went to Lake Geneva to record an album, the night before during a concert a flare gun caused a fire that burnt down the venue and the next morning they were greeted by smoke lying on the water. Simple.

Deep Water%’ by Richard Clapton (1977)

Richard Clapton is an unheralded stalwart of Australian rock music. This track showcases his guitar playing as well as his strong lyric writing. It is a moody song and while I do remember hearing it in the 1980s, it seems to have faded since.

Down To The Waterline’ by Dire Straits (1978)

Starting with a slow bit of guitar-playing, then going into a faster pace, this track was a staple of Dire Straits’ live shows because it is such a good track. From their debut album, this showcases Mark Knopfler so well.

Bring Me Some Water’ by Melissa Etheridge (1988)

Melissa Etheridge hit the ground running with her self-titled album and this was the first track from it I heard. Her voice has that rough quality I do like, but the music – country-rock – is also really good. A long career started here.

Treadin’ Water’ by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (1991)

Percussion heavy, this is a really good song, harkening back to the glam rock days of the 1970s, from Jett’sNotorious album. The whole album should have done better on the charts than it did – Jett still had it in the 90s… and still has it today.

Saltwater’ by Julian Lennon (1991)

Following in his father’s footsteps, Julian Lennon’s first charting single was a protest song about the state of the world, delivered in a style that mirrored John to such a degree that many accused him of milking it. Unfair, I think – this is just a good song and he delivered it well.

Never Miss Your Water’ by Diesel (1993)

Diesel had a few big songs and albums at the start of his career and, despite releasing albums regularly since (under his real name as well as his nom de plume), he hasn’t really hit the same heights he did with tracks like this brass-accented song.

Sun On The Water’ by Kirsty MacColl (2005)

One of the last songs recorded by Kirsty, and it gave its name to the biography of her written after her passing, this is a really pleasant song that shows she was still recording great music after such a long career.

Walk On Water’ by Eminem feat. Beyoncé (2017)

This track – and its parent album – does not get a lot of love, but I enjoy it. It is one of the very, very few Beyoncé tracks I don’t mind, and I like the flow of the rapping. The last line (about writing ‘Stan’) is weird, but the rest of the song is better than most give it credit for.

Dirty Water’ by The Smith Street Band (2020)

A slower track, one I am sure is about losing someone, with some great lyrics and the lead singer’s unique voice driving it on over a piano-led backing. This is a good song from a strong album – Don’t Waste Your Anger .

A dozen songs about water, starting in the 1970s. None of the 60s and earlier songs appealed that much, to be honest, but I think these twelve make up a fine collection, ranging across all the decades from the 70s to today.

Hope you found something to enjoy here.


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