Songs About Princes And Princesses

Songs About Princes And Princesses


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I've done a list on songs about Queens and songs about Kings . Well, following those, it is only fair that I do the other royal titles.

And so I give you Songs about Princes and Princesses!

Interestingly enough, this was not an easy list to compile. While I had literally dozens of songs for the other royal titles to choose from, here I had less than forty, and quite a few of those were classical pieces. So I thought I would struggle to find ten songs. However, in the end, a good dozen stood out and so that makes for a decent list.

I will point out that none of these are songs by or about Disney princesses because (a) I am not a 12 year old, and (b) they generally leave me feeling rather cold. I have also decided that the royal title should appear in the song title. I do not want to upset anyone by not including a song about Princess Diana by Elton John because it is not a patch on the original about Marilyn Monroe.

So, 12 songs. "Prince" or "Princess" in the title. I need to like it. One song per artist; one version of each song. And it is in my collection. Normal rules, then.

Here we go! Songs about princes and princesses!
'Little Princess' by The Shadows (1964)

Let's start this list with an instrumental. With Hank Marvin's instantly recognisable guitar, this is one of the many beautiful songs the band released over their many decades of creating music. This has the feel of a lullaby, but is still really nice.
'Princess In Rags' by Gene Pitney (1965)

Gene Pitney, one of my father's favourite artists, might not have had the range or emotion of Orbison or Shannon, but there is still something about his songs that hits nicely. And this one, about the poor girl he sees as a princess anyway, is one that I have always liked. His voice had "it".
'You Are All Princes' by Egg (1970)

Prog Rock from a band I only know about from having a couple of their songs on compilation albums. But the few tracks I have heard are really good, and this is a fine example of early prog rock, and yet sounding as accomplished as much of what followed in the 70s. A band I need to find out about.
'The Prince' by Madness (1979)

This is the first single by everyone's favourite ska-pop band from the 80s. Well, in the 80s they were everyone's favourite. The sound and the music started here, and already their sound was fixed and definitely Madness. The version (as in the video) from the album One Step Beyond is re-recorded and I prefer it to the original, so that's why I've included it here.
'Prince Charming' by Adam And The Ants (1981)

Adam Ant – whether solo or with the Ants – released a string of incredible songs from the 1980s into the 1990s. While not all received the chart positions they probably deserved, many of his earlier tracks were hits, and this is one. Utilising percussion, basic guitar and a lot of vocal sounds as the dominant instrumentation, this is still a song that sounds amazing.
'Princess Of The Night' by Saxon (1981)

Saxon were one of the first of the NWOBHM bands, and one of the more successful. While I only have a few of their albums (Iron Maiden was more my thing), those I do have are great slabs of the rock style that would be stolen by hair metal or poodle rock. But those guys could not match the NWOBHM bands. And this song is a really good one.
'Princess Of Little Italy' by Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul (1982)

Little Steven is best known as the guitarist for Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band, or for his star turn in the TV series The Sopranos. However, his own solo stuff was really strong, and this is a good track from one of his first solo outings.
'Princes Of The Universe' by Queen (1986)

First heard on the soundtrack for the decent film Highlander (let us not talk of the sequels), this is a good rocking track from Queen. I have a friend who has this as one of his favourite Queen songs, and listening to this track while compiling this list, I can see where he is coming from.
'Prince Of Darkness' by Alice Cooper (1987)

Alice Cooper had something of a career renaissance in the 1980s after his early 70s heyday, and this is a decent track, rocking hard as you would expect, from the man. Yes, the Prince of Darkness is Satanic in nature, but this is done tongue in cheek.
'Two Princes' by Spin Doctors (1991)

Yes, you knew this song had to be here! One of only two charting singles by the band, it is nevertheless a great track that still gets me singing along, and is fondly remembered by those around at the time.
'Prince Charming' by Metallica (1997)

Re-Load was an album I didn't mind, and this is one of tracks I really like from that collection. The sound harkens back to the Black Album sound a little (not their heavier, earlier albums), but it still has something about it that makes it worth listening to.
'World Princess Part II' by Grimes (2015)

And we go from heavy metal to art-pop. Grimes is possibly better known for her relationship with Elon Musk, her child's strange name and her odd tweets, but as a musician I quite like the experimentation she puts into her music, doing things other artists just would not dare to, and succeeding more often than not.
And there we are – 12 songs about the princes and princesses of the world. The musical styles here are quite eclectic, and so I hope you found at least one track you enjoyed amongst this playlist.

Don't forget, if you have other ideas for song columns that you would like to see, feel free to leave a message. If I can, I would be glad to try and put something together!

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