Songs About Electricity

Songs About Electricity


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I received a request from a new reader for this topic.

Electricity is the driving force of most things in nature and man-made. For example, our neurons, our very thought processes, depend on electric impulses to pass information along. And so, it is no real surprise that song-writers use electricity or things being electric in their lyrics.

As such, this is Songs About Electricity.

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The rules: the word “electricity” (or a derivative, like “electric’) must appear in the title, one song per artist, one version of each song, I need to like the song. They are listed in chronological order, the date of first release, either as single or the home album. These are not just charting singles, but songs from my collection that fulfill the requirement and that I like.

Here are 10 songs about Electricity!

Are ‘Friends’ Electric’ by Tubeway Army (1979)

This song by a pre-solo Gary Numan is where many believe electronic music started, with synthesisers, drum machines and altered vocals dominating the music. New wave grew from here to become much of the pop music we see today.

Electricity’ by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (1979)

This was OMD’s debut single before new wave had really been formed by the bands, and yet it shows all the hallmarks of the musical genre which OMD would be most associated with. A little more experimental than their later pop outings, it is still a remarkable first musical salvo.

I Sing The Body Electric’ by the Cast of Fame (1980)

The big final production number from the 1980 film Fame is a full ensemble piece and it is a highlight of what is actually a dark and not entirely upbeat movie. When I saw the stage production, this song was where it all built to, and it was stunning to see it performed on stage,

Electric Nation’ by Earth, Wind And Fire (1983)

Earth, Wind And Fire were a band that started in 1969 as a multi-cultural musical collective, and are still performing today. This track is from the album they recorded before a three-year hiatus, which I always found off, because Electric Universe is a good album.

Electric Avenue’ by Eddie Grant (1983)

Written in response to the Brixton riots of the early 1980s in the UK, this protest song was so catchy that very few at the time realised just what it was they were dancing to.

Together In Electric Dreams’ by Philip Oakley & Giorgio Moroder (1984)

From the soundtrack of one of the weirdest computer films, made before we knew what computers really were capable of ( Electric Dreams ), this song was everywhere at that time. It reached the upper realms of charts around the world because it is so catchy and likeable. Just a fun song.

Electric Blue’ by Icehouse (1987)

After being around for a number of years, the album Man of Colours catapulted Icehouse to the world’s charts, their peak of popularity. This was one of the huge singles from thyat album, and it was everywhere in the year.

Electricity’ by Something For Kate (2001)

This song from the Australian band is an alt rock song that I got on CD single, and always felt has been overlooked by much of the music-buying public. It pounds along like the rock song it is and is just a strong piece.

Electric Flesh’ by Jean Michel Jarre (2003)

Geometry Of Love was an album I received some years after its release after asking a friend what JMJ had done since Zoolook, and he gave me this and recommended it. He was right. An instrumental piece, this is just great music. He subsequently gave me four other JMJ albums, including an incredible live one.

Electric Man’ by Rival Sons (2014)

I know nothing about this band, having got this song on a compilation album. But I really like this track, the guitars and the electronically modified the voice, and the drums pounding through. Just a great rocking song.

Okay, I am not sure why most of the songs come from a strange 8-year period, with a few from the twenty-first century, but that’s just how the songs came out.

Some weird stuff here, some popular stuff and some obscure stuff. And so, from all of that, I hope you found something to enjoy.

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