Songs About Daydreams

Songs About Daydreams


Posted 2023-03-14 by Steven Gfollow
Following on from my recent columns about the day ( early songs and recent songs ), it was suggested I do songs about another aspect of the day – daydreaming.

Why not? Here's songs about daydreaming!

Daydreaming is such a simple thing – losing yourself in your own mind, getting away from the here and now; awake and yet not really "with it". And yet, there are a surprisingly small number of songs about daydreams. There's enough good ones for me to put together this column, but I thought there'd be a few more.

But that's okay because it means I can daydream about writing my own song about daydreams.

And, with that in mind, normal rules apply – one song per artist, one version of each song, I need to like the song. Which means there is no Mariah Carey here.

Let's daydream our way through 10 songs. Get ready for a lot of laid-back, chilled out music. Daydreams seem to do that to songwriters.
'Daydream' by The Lovin' Spoonful (1966)

What better way to start than with the epitome of a daydream song, the relaxed vibe coming at a time that was leading into the Summer of Love. It still sounds so chill and wonderful, and has rightfully gone down as an all-time classic.
'Daydream Believer' by The Monkees (1968)

Written by John Stewart (of the Kingston Trio, later to have a solo smash with 'Gold'), this is one of the Monkees' better-known hits. It topped the charts during the peak of psychedelia in the USA, and has that dreamy feel that made it work.
'Moonage Daydream' by David Bowie (1972)

Bowie first recorded this during the The Man Who Sold The World sessions (available on the deluxe version), then re-recorded it for Ziggy Stardust…, and I reckon I like the second version, with Mick Ronson's guitars driving it along, better. It has become a classic song and gave its name to a documentary about Bowie's life.
'Day Dreaming' by Aretha Frankin (1972)

Some soul now. I have to say, I am not a fan of Aretha Franklin, but the more of these lists I do, and the more of her stuff I hear, the more I have come to appreciate her voice and her talent. And this song is another example of that; I put it on to listen to it for this and was mesmerised by it.
'Havana Daydreamin'' by Jimmy Buffet (1976)

The title track to one of the earlier Jimmy Buffett albums, this is a laid-back track that is actually a reflection of the whole album. He is a fine singer-songwriter and this is a strong track. Oh, and we share a birthday, albeit years apart.
'Daydream' by Journey (1979)

An album cut from a fine album (Evolution), this was the record where Journey really started to hit their stride. And this is another laid-back track and a showcase for some fine guitar playing.
'Daydreamin'' by Earth, Wind & Fire (1990)

A slower song (though not a ballad) from EW&F, one that just flows along so nicely, and yet it does not lose any of the groove that the band are so well known for and have been since the beginning. It is not their first slower track, and they do them so well.
'[I}Daydream%%' by Mike Oldfield (2002)

I am an unabashed fan of Mike Oldfield. People seem to only know Tubular Bells, but he has released so many other great albums . This track is from the little-known Tres Lunas, and is such a dreamy, laid-back instrumental. Again, it is indicative of much of its parent album, with those wonderful guitars.
'Daydreamer' by Adele (2008)

From 19, this album cut is not spoken about much and yet it really showcases her voice. Adele sounds like a classical singer here, like one of those glorious voices from the 1940s or 1950s. She is probably the best singer of the current generation.
'Dayzed Inn Daydreams' by Ariel Pink (2014)

This song struck me from the first time I heard it. There is something about the multi-tracked vocals and the music that just struck a chord in me. Not a huge fan of the music video (so it's not here), but the song goes beyond that.
Yes, I also noticed that there was a distinct lack of 1980s in this list. Maybe people weren't daydreaming in the 80s; maybe things were too full-on and stressful at the time. However, the tracks here are all laid back in their own way. This is a playlist that is perfect for a day sitting down and doing nothing except daydream, maybe with a beverage and some snacks.

Hope you found something here to enjoy.

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