Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar

Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar


Posted 2015-05-03 by Sara Ikmalfollow

It is inevitable that, after a full meal and in the company of friends, someone will undoubtedly suggest: "Anybody up for dessert?"

And that is how my friends and I found ourselves at Softsrve in Damansara Uptown on a Labour Day weekend night. I have heard of this place before, but never had the chance to visit until now. The dessert bar is on the outward facing row of the large commercial square, facing the residential houses opposite.

We arrived at a good time, and luck was on our side; we got a nearby parking spot, and there was an empty table with space for the four of us.

The menu is pretty simple. You have a choice of two flavours, being milk cereal or deep chocolate, then a variety of toppings that go with it. Occasionally, they also have some pop-up flavours for a limited time. After ordering, just proceed to the collection counter to pick up your dessert. The cups are served in a mist of dry ice. Very cool.

I got myself a breakfast milk cereal, which comes with a halved strawberry and caramelized cereal. I loved it! The soft serve ice cream is smooth and creamy, and the sweet, crunchy cereal bits complemented it nicely. However, the strawberry was way too sour, and the price feels kind of steep for just one lonely strawberry included.

The real show stealer was the fluffy milk cereal, a mountainous cotton candy topped dessert, sprinkled with Himalayan rock salt. "How do we eat this?" Good question. This is something that requires some hands on digging in. The cotton candy and soft serve coupled with the rock salt was an interesting combination - a mixture of sweet, creamy and salty, but not overwhelmingly so.

Finally, the visit wouldn't be complete without trying one of the deep chocolate options as well. The chocolate is rich, with a hint of bitterness, perfect for the dark chocolate lover. The churros were alright, crispy with a hint of cinnamon. Would have been better if it was served hot from the fryer.

By the time we were halfway through our dessert, the little bar had filled up to the brim. There were literally no seats left empty. I can definitely understand the appeal. The ambience at Softsrve is clean, bright and welcoming, and the ice cream is delicious. It can get pretty messy though - the way it is served means there is no room for melted ice cream, and there was a bit of a mess left over. Nevertheless, I would definitely visit again.

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