Sofia Cocktail Lounge

Sofia Cocktail Lounge


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Attention Redfern and Surry Hills locals: prepare to be thrilled! I have fantastic news that will surely make your day.

Brace yourselves for the arrival of a glamorous and chic new drinking haven right at your doorstep. Introducing the absolutely stunning Sofia Cocktail Lounge , a creation by the brilliant minds of Con and Sophie Bousgas, the renowned team behind the immensely popular Sofia restaurant, which sits proudly above the iconic Bar Cleveland .

Are you ready to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of pure sophistication and style? I couldn't contain my excitement when I stepped into the enchanting Sofia Cocktail Lounge, nestled in Surry Hills. Located in the quaint and charming Sofia on Cleveland Street, finding parking was a breeze, setting the tone for a delightful evening ahead.

As I entered the lounge, a wave of elegance and warmth washed over me. The tasteful interior design featured exposed brick walls that added character, while the soft pink velvet sofas beckoned me to sink in and relax. The linen curtains, rattan armchairs, and low marble-topped tables completed the cosy yet romantic ambience. I instantly knew this was the perfect spot for an intimate date night or a gathering with dear friends. Experience luxury and indulgence in a luxurious environment with exquisite decor. The ambience alone will leave you in awe, as the impeccable attention to detail creates an atmosphere that is both inviting and alluring.

The drinks menu features classic and signature cocktails plus a curated selection of 46 new and old world wines including 14 by the glass. With each sip, I could taste the mastery and creativity that went into crafting these exceptional libations. It was clear that the mixologists behind the bar were passionate about their craft.

Allow me to share with you some of the standout cocktails that made my taste buds dance with joy. First on the list was the captivating "Noah's Arc." Priced at $22, this tantalising creation draws inspiration from one of Turkey's oldest desserts. Imagine the heavenly flavours of Turkish Delight, dried fruits, rose, and vanilla perfectly balanced in a single glass. It was a true indulgence for the senses, transporting me to distant lands with every sip.

Next, the "Passion-heart" caught my attention. At $23, this rum-based concoction was a refreshing oasis of fruity goodness. The delightful fusion of passionfruit, peach, mandarin, and a hint of varietal currant grenadine tickled my taste buds with each sip. It was the embodiment of summer in a glass, radiating vibrant flavours and a playful spirit.

Then came the "Dandy Lion" priced at $25, which showcased the lounge's commitment to pushing boundaries. A whisky lover's dream, this masterful creation combined the rich notes of rye whisky infused with cinnamon and brown butter. The addition of roasted dandelion and chicory root added depth and complexity, while Montenegro, toasted pecan bitters, Xocolatl Mole Bitters, and mandarin provided a harmonious finish. It was a cocktail that demanded slow sips and appreciation for its intricate flavours.

Other cocktail classics include a Manhattan, Gimlet Twist and Chilli Margarita, as well as the signature Saz Jazz, made from Hennessy VS Cognac, ricotta-washed Shiraz Gin, Crème de
Fraise des Bois with an Absinthe rinse, Peychaud's Bitters and a twist of lemon.

The excitement continues to soar as we delve into the captivating world of Sofia Cocktail Lounge! Brace yourself for a bar menu like no other, meticulously crafted by the culinary genius himself, renowned chef Justin North from Concept Hospitality. Collaborating with head chef Nathan Trelevean and owners Con and Sophie Bousgas, this dynamic team has come together to curate a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. As my palate revelled in the delight of these exquisite cocktails, my growling stomach reminded me that it was time to sample the tantalising food offerings at Sofia Cocktail Lounge. Among the recommendations, the "Warm Sourdough Loaf with Sofia Extra Virgin Olive Oil," priced at $14 (GF $4), stood out. The combination of freshly baked sourdough bread and the richness of the extra virgin olive oil was pure bliss. It was comfort food at its finest, inviting me to break off a piece of bread and savour the simple pleasures.

For a lighter option, I savoured the "Chargrilled eggplant salad with parsley, currants, and pine nuts," priced at $18 (V, GF). The smoky flavours of the grilled eggplant mingled with the freshness of parsley, while the burst of sweetness from the currants and the crunch of pine nuts added texture and complexity. It was a symphony of flavours on a plate, a harmonious dance of ingredients that left me wanting more. Sofia's full a la carte menu is also available in the Cocktail Lounge.

Leaving that night, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the experience. The impeccable ambience, the masterfully crafted cocktails, and the delectable food offerings made it an evening to remember. Whether you're seeking a pre-dinner drink, a place to unwind with friends, or a cosy haven for a romantic rendezvous; is a true gem. 

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