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Posted 2018-12-01 by Gypsy Rosefollow

It is hard not to miss the explosion of colours at with the floral displays and quaint outdoor setup that screams "spring" and all things in full bloom!

Being only two-months young, this cafe has already been dubbed Sydney's prettiest eatery, along with being an 'Instagrammer's' foodie dream come true. It is certainly unlike any place we have ever dined at and it also offered a feast for all the senses.

Social Hideout rose to prominence with their spectacular and 'Instagrammable' dishes at their Parramatta location and Waterloo takes this to new heights, with not just their stunning decor and atmosphere, but with their immaculately plated dishes too.

What makes more special is that it is dog-friendly, allowing you to enjoy the awe-inspiring atmosphere as you sink your teeth into scrumptious delights with your little furry friend.

The pup-friendly cafe includes a few tasty treats with the dedicated 'dog-menu', so you can treat your pooch to a Snoop Dog bowl and a Puppacino...aww, how cute!


is a vision of floral, with features of whimsical interiors, walls adorned with over 17,000 individually placed flowers and neon signs begging to be snapped. You can easily be fooled into believing that you are lost in an enchanted botanic garden...

The interior design has been inspired by various locations that the owner has experienced abroad, along with adding his own creative flair that certainly has showcased the fanciful setting for diners. It is complete with elegant and stupendous cascading flower walls and ceiling.

The fun neon light messages and the over-sized mural of style icon Audrey Hepburn add a touch of quirkiness, without taking away from the floral wonderland.

The playful decor is creatively matched with a stunning and mouth-watering menu with breakfast, lunch and drink options to satisfy all taste buds.


The vibe is like an Alice in Wonderland who decided to friend Willy Wonka and together they were the perfect match that filled Social Hideout with playfulness and elegance. You can easily spend hours relishing all the floral things, making the place to be!

It also resembles a cafe hidden in one of the cobblestone laneways in Europe.

The atmosphere is quite relaxed and surprisingly you do not get the 'typical' cafe feel where the clutter sounds of coffee machines ring the air to the loud obnoxious neighbouring patrons engrossing in conversation to the heavy foot traffic that can get quite frustrating, especially if you are after a quiet time out.

At the time of my visit, the cafe had a handful of patrons then gradually filled up, and yet, the bustling sounds of a typical cafe did not kick in. It was as if the floral displays transformed the diners to the world of calmness and softly spoken conversations between each other.


Firstly, let's talk about the beverages; have you ever been served iced drinks from a miniature bathtub? I bet you haven't! Here at this strange, but the true choice of beverage holder seems to be the norm and I must admit I loved it!

Beverage menu includes:
Hot Drinks- Ground Teas including lavender, gunpowder green, reviver and lemongrass and more. The Ground Coffee Roastery features red velvet latte, matcha green tea latte, taro latte, bubblegum latte, normal coffees, mafia hot chocolate and more.

Cold Drinks consist of Audrey's butterfly flower wisteria, iced red velvet, iced matcha green tea, iced taro, smoothies and shakes and more.

We decided to try the Iced Matcha Green Tea ($9.50), being a big fan of Green Tea and recently discovering the world of matcha, this had to be tried!

Upon arrival of my beverage, I must admit I certainly was not prepared for my Iced Matcha Green Tea to be served in a miniature bathtub. After the surprise wore down, I took a sip and I was immediately transferred back to my days spent in Asia. It was like taking a dip into Matcha Green Tea goodness, but with my mouth.

It was not sweet at all and it was extremely refreshing. The green tea flavour really stood out, making it a must for all green tea fans. The fairy floss created a gentle delicate sweet touch.

The Red Velvet Latte ($5) featured a pretty red colour, hence the name and was brewed quite nicely with the right temperature.

Its appearance looked almost candy-like, but it was the perfect amount of sweetness from the milk and right amount of espresso, making it smooth and enjoyable.

They say you eat with your eyes and putting aesthetics aside, the menu is playful, creative and loaded with influences from Japanese and Mediterranean delights as well as a masterpiece of colour and elegance.

The moreish selection of flavoursome and colourful creations with favourites including Taro Hotcakes, Red Velvet Benedict, Panna Cotta Granola Bowl, The Habib, Za'atar Poached Eggs and more united quite well with the decor.

We ordered the Taro Hotcakes ($19.90) and Red Velvet Benedict ($18.90)

The Taro Hotcakes served with pink pitaya, berries, mango cubes, black sesame ice cream, mint and taro sauce was a concoction of delectable perfection.

Picture Willy Wonka taking a ride down the rabbit hole and ending up at Alice's tea party minus the looniness... that is what this dish reminded me of.

Surprisingly this dish was not ridiculously sweet, despite appearances. It was a riot of colour, flavour and textures and purple being my favourite colour, well let's just say I was in the wonderland of foodie heaven.

The pancakes were soft and melted in your mouth and when combined with all the ingredients, this quirky dish took hotcakes to a whole new level. The textures, delicate flavours and creaminess from the black sesame ice cream united so well together, making this dish an enviable perfect marriage.

Each element on the plate added its own unique taste and texture, teasing the palate. It was delicate and art on the plate, yet packed a punch of flavour. It was a one of a kind dish.

Red Velvet Benedict served with poached eggs, pulled pork, kale, asparagus, pomegranate, beetroot hollandaise and red velvet croissant took eggs Benedict to a higher level. It was a masterpiece! An ultimate dish filled with creativity and loaded with textures galore, flavour overload and of course, a feast for the eyes.

The vivid contrast of the reds and creamy yellow from the hollandaise showcased an elegant touch and complemented the flavours in this dish.

The croissant was crispy and soft inside (just like a croissant should be) and together with the creamy hollandaise, the perfectly cooked gooey egg and pulled pork that melted in your mouth, it was such a delightful treat. It was a dish that kept you going back for more.

Each element on the plate danced and teased the tastebuds from the textures to the flavours - it is a dish that takes the humble Egg Benedict to foodie success and the ultimate perfection of mastering a humble egg dish.

Overall, from stepping into the utopian world of all things botanical to sinking your teeth into magical scrumptious delights, has taken food and decor to a level that will certainly be hard to beat in Sydney's foodie world!

Whether you want to have a catch-up luncheon, romantic breakfast, girl's day out or a special occasion including High Tea events, be sure to keep in mind!

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