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Social Brew Cafe


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With 16.5k followers on Instagram and with over 2,300 likes on Facebook, is without a doubt taking Sydney's cafe foodie scene by storm!

Located on the popular Harris Street in Pyrmont, is all about, you guessed it, "socialisling" (and the food too, of course).

Upon arrival, it was not hard to notice that this cafe is much-loved and extremely popular. The long queues are a sign that you have found yourself a foodie's joint, that you do not want to miss out on.

With gatherings of people queuing up to get a table, I was not sure if we were going to get served promptly… but oh how wrong I was! We were greeted by the extremely friendly, lovely and welcoming staff, taken to our seats within a minute and received table service immediately.

I knew from the service and the queues reaching out the door that was going to be something special and I was excited to begin our gastronomical journey.

Atmosphere / décor

Located in the local landmark in bustling Pyrmont, this foodie hub is the perfect central meeting spot with a flowing lively atmosphere and lashings of casual vibes. It is not overstated, yet it is comfortable and trendy with pop tunes subtly playing in the background.

The inside dining area offers a cosy and quaint atmosphere, whilst the outdoor patio dining overlooks a stretch of greenery creating a tranquil atmosphere for outdoor diners. With both the indoor and outdoor dining, this cafe offers a casual and calm aesthetic feel.

This modern-industrial cafe is also pet-friendly, making it the perfect cafe to enjoy with the whole family and friends. It can get quite busy and packed on weekends, however, the atmosphere and ambience remain easy-going, relaxed and pleasant.


To me, I believe people make or break a place and I can confidently tell you that staff make this cafe. With several people waiting for seats and all tables filled, the staff took to the lively and jam-packed atmosphere with cheerfulness, friendliness and grace as well as being attentive the whole time; this added to the wonderful experience at .


The menu features all-day breakfast and lunch dishes, including breakfast favourites such Brekkie Roll, Eggs Benedict with a slight twist as well as some unique and tasty dishes like the Loaded Double Double which features black forest ham, double cheese melt, fried egg served on a five-grain sourdough or The Brew Deli Plate which includes burrata cheese, smooth avocado, Roma tomatoes, prosciutto, mushrooms, a la grecque and soft boiled zaatar eggs served with olive and rosemary sourdough…yum!

The lunch menu consists of Hot Smoked Trout Salad with offerings of pickled cauliflower, roasted sweet potato, kale, pistachio and pumpkin seeds tossed in lemon and wasabi dressing, making this dish, not just healthy but absolutely scrumptious. Other dishes include Crispy Pork Belly on Sourdough, Soft Shell Crab Tacos, Chicken Breast Burger and much more to satisfy all taste buds.

For the beverage fanatics, you will certainly be in for a treat with a colourful drink menu featuring a wide range of drinks from healthy superfood smoothies to indulgent shakes, iced drinks, coffee and tea delights, organic sodas and much more.

The drink menu also featured alcoholic beverages, including drinks with juices and smoothies that can be 'spiked' for a great pick-me-up cocktail-style concoction on a lazy weekend morning.


After perusing the menu, we decided to order one dish from the All Day Breakfast menu and one from the Lunch menu. We began our foodie journey with Ricotta Hotcakes ($16) with a side serve of bacon ($4) and the Chicken Breast Burger served with Sweet Potato fries ($18).

There was nothing fancy or over-the-top with the presentations, they were simple, yet inviting for both the meals and drinks. Personally, I would have liked to see a bit more attention to presentation, but in saying that, the simple presentation was appealing and the food was absolutely delightful.

The Ricotta Hotcakes with maple marinated strawberries, pistachio butter and a side serving of bacon (I asked for it to be crispy- to me, bacon needs to be crispy!)

I am a massive pancake fan and to me, pancakes/hotcakes need to be thin, fluffy and packed with flavour and these pancakes ticked all those boxes and were executed with tantalising flavours.

They were moist and fluffy and the burst of gentle sweetness from the maple glazed strawberries to the marvellous addition of the pistachio butter added a wonderful texture and made this hotcake dish the ultimate marriage made in foodie heaven!

The layered hotcakes were cooked perfectly and were not dry and each layer was filled with the heavenly crunchy pistachio butter.

The addition of crispy bacon united with the pancakes, maple strawberries and drizzled with more maple syrup was a punch of celebration of pure culinary bliss, with each bite transforming the palate into a delightful mouthwatering frenzy.

The Chicken Breast Burger featured mango ginger chutney, house smoked emmental cheese, red carrot slaw served with sweet potato fries.

The burger was tasty and the portion size was reasonable and substantially filling.

The mango ginger chutney was the highlight for this dish and the fresh crisp carrot slaw added a textural crunch and the flavours all worked well together.

It was slightly disappointing that the protein was not the star of the dish, however, the chicken breast was surprisingly juicy and cooked perfectly. A bit more pepper or a marinade would have taken this humble chicken burger dish to a whole new foodie experience.

In saying that, as a whole, the burger was tasty and the chutney was a genius addition as it complemented the soft brioche, the fresh crispy slaw and the chicken breast extremely well.

The sweet potato chips were crunchy and perfectly cooked; it accompanied the burger greatly and the pairing with chilli tomato mayo sauce was a great spicy addition.


Our drinks included the Superfood Smoothie Green Blend ($8) and Blueberry Maple Shake ($7).

The Superfood Smoothie Green Blend consisted of avocado, apple, kale, banana, almond milk, coconut yoghurt and honey.

The brightly green-coloured smoothie looked ultra healthy. It was quite thick and unfortunately, I did not enjoy it that much. The banana was not quite ripe and it was overpowering all the other delicate flavours. It was somewhat refreshing and had a nice texture to it overall.

The Blueberry Maple Shake, on the other hand, was absolutely delicious. It was packed with the right amount of sweetness from the maple and hints of the blueberry shined through too. It went down smoothly and matched the Chicken Breast Burger quite nicely.

The cafe not just offers indoor and outdoor seating options, it also offers a walk-up counter for takeaway orders and if you are looking for a cafe that delivers great food matched with brilliant service/ wait staff, then the is right up your alley.

The locals have discovered this hidden gem and hopefully, this review will spread the word for everyone else who has not discovered it!

is a place I will certainly be returning back to as I enjoyed it thoroughly, from the ever-friendly staff to the delicious food and laid-back vibes.

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