Snow White: A Tale Of Terror - Film Review

Snow White: A Tale Of Terror - Film Review


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Snow White: A Tale Of Terror, directed by Michael Cohn, made in 1997, has a star studded cast of Sigourney Weaver as the evil sorceress, Sam Neill as the great nobleman and Gil Bellows as the scar riddled diamond minor that "Snow White" falls in love with.

This film is definitely not one for the kids and is based somewhat more authentically on the original Grimm Brothers' tale of a young woman who is disliked by her stepmother so much, that she becomes consumed with jealousy and decides to use black magic in order to destroy her.

Frederick Hoffman, a well loved nobleman and his adoring, beautiful and heavily pregnant wife Lilliana are involved in a terrible carriage accidents in the remote woods, caused by wolves attacking their horses. As Lilliana lays dying in the snow, Frederick is left with no other option but to slice open his wife's belly and cut his unborn daughter free from her womb and as Lilliana's blood floods over the nearby snow, a tiny baby is heard crying, she is free at last.

Years later, when his daughter Lilli, is still just a little girl, Frederick is engaged to marry a lady by the name of Claudia, who Lilli is extremely resentful of and after she attempts to ruin a bizarre wedding ritual, Lilli is the only witness to the terrifying death of her nursemaid by Claudia's mysterious mirror.

Not long after, Claudia gives birth to a stillborn son and keeps its lifeless corpse as part of a creepy shrine and as Lilli grows up into a beautiful young woman, in the splitting image of her mother, Claudia becomes fixated with her hatred for Lilli and tries to have her murdered, but when Claudia learns that Lilli is alive and living with a group of "filthy" diamond minors, she is consumed by a dark evil and loses her mind and in her insanity, Claudia poisons her husband into thinking his daughter is dead, takes over his property and uses her evil magical powers to destroy everything Lilli holds dear to her and even transforms herself into a very scary looking old lady in order to convince Lilli to take a bite from that famous red apple of doom.

Snow White: A Tale Of Terror is a fantastic film, with an extremely well written plot, amazingly strong acting and great effects, which stand the test of time, which is a must see for all fans of the original fairytales of the past, with all the nitty-gritty and sometimes scary or even disturbing details, which exist within them.

Snow White: A Tale Of Terror is rated M for some horror violence and scenes of sexuality and is available on both VHS and DVD.


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