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Posted 2016-04-28 by GiGi GMV follow
These days, there are so many people suffering from different types of food allergies or intolerances and it is sad to see that they miss out on enjoying delicious and original meals. Fortunately I do not have any food allergy or intolerance, but I am always on the lookout for healthy eating.

There's tiny cafeteria called Snoogies, and it is a great place to get a clean, healthy and tasty vegetarian meal. This vibrant and colourful cafe was started up by Nuri Brown and Aron Bradshaw 10 years ago. Their vision was to create a cafe that promoted healthier eating habits for the Queensland locals. They wanted to make healthy vegetarian food options readily available and believed that the food should be tastier, healthier and more nourishing than meat-based food.

On my first day in Cairns, while I was on a look-out for a good unique lunch option, a friendly barista struck up a conversation with me and recommended Snoogies. It was a very warm day, so I thought a healthy salad sounded like a great lunch choice. It was a good thing the barista and her team led the way, otherwise, I would not have been able to find this place. This tiny cafeteria is discretely located inside of the Main Arcade on Grafton Street in Cairns. Let me tell you it was a gem of a find.

The first thing I saw was a crowd made up of nearby office workers placing their orders for freshly squeezed juice and healthy smoothies made with nutritious fruit, vegetables and dairy free milk and vegan and gluten-free salads. When I finally made it to the front of the queue, I was warmly greeted by one of the friendly owners, Nuri, who was the proud cook and the creator of all the delicious-looking salads and dishes in the window cabinets.

I was informed all Snoogies' dishes were suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and were gluten free. I selected an assortment of vegan salads for only $10. It was a huge serving and looked very appealing. All the salads tasted fantastic and very flavoursome. There were plenty of freshly steamed vegetables in midst of the salad. They were all nicely cooked and retained all the nutritious value. The special-home made tahini dip was simply amazing and literally lifted the salad to a new height.

I could tell the food was good for me and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. I am definitely a meat eater, so that says a lot about this place!

I had such a pleasant experience, I actually preferred Snoogies over other eateries and went back again on the third day to try their hot dishes. Again, I liked it very much so I tried to make a similar version when I returned to Sydney.

Please note it is only open during weekdays for lunch.

The thing that I liked most about Snoogies was the warm, friendly and inviting manner of the owners. They made me feel so welcome and made the effort to have chat as they took my orders, which is something that I don't come across very often these days.

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