Snapper Rocks Pool

Snapper Rocks Pool


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How does relaxing in a pool of aqua clear water, the sound of the waves in your ears and the silhouette of pandanas cutting into the clear blue sky around you sound? How would you like fish swimming about your feet, whales splashing in the distance, and a frog watching over you?

Yeah, I said frog. There is a giant frog standing sentinel over the rock-pools at Snapper. He watches from the top of the hill as surfers take on Snapper Rocks, joggers take on D Bar Hill and men and women take on each other for life on the beach below him. Yep, that's right, if you go chill out in the rock-pools you may be lucky enough to get a peek at a nuptial shindig, as the tiny beach there is a very popular place to get married.

You can park your car in the car-park behind the Rainbow Bay Surf Club. Here, you may be lucky enough to get a peek at a surfer's bum as he gets changed behind the 'shelter' of his car door. Or you can park along Marine Parade and walk around the path to the rocks.

The pool is easily accessed if you climb over the rocks from the path around the point. There is one big, man-made concrete pool which has been largely re-claimed by the natural forces of the Snapper precinct. Seaweed clings to the bottom and the sides of the pool, fish are deposited in there by the tide, and the concrete is in a state of crumbling decline. It is a decidedly glorious place to sit on a hot summer's day and, like the frog, watch the surfers, joggers and marriers about you taking on the world.

Of course, you won't be the only one chilling out. The walkway is a popular tourist trail, not to mention a popular strolling route for the local senior citizens. School children lounge around the beach and on the rocks.

You may find the guttural, throbbing sound of the Dreamtime coiling itself around you as you lie back and soak into the rocks, but don't get too excited, you're not connecting with the spirits of the land, it's the dude who goes down there several times a week to play the digeridoo.

When you're done soaking and sunning, (or when you get tired of being constantly watched by a giant frog), you can pop up to the Rainbow Bay Surf Club for a beer, some reasonably priced oysters, and a priceless view out over the bay all the way up to Surfers Paradise. Stay for the sunset. Hell, stay all night. But be warned, if you get too drunk to drive home and end up sleeping in your car, you will probably wake at 6am with a surfer's bum in the window above your face.

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