Snapper on the Lake

Snapper on the Lake


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When our family arrived in Canberra last year, we were keen to find a fish and chip shop by Lake Burley Griffin. We found a small outlet under the Southern Cross Yacht Club in Yarralumla, tucked away near the car park. During winter 2014, it closed down and moved to the lake side and transformed into the modern "" it is today.

Last summer it was one of the most popular places in Canberra as word got around that it was a relaxing, shady and social place to catch up with friends. With lighter evenings, lake views and a family friendly atmosphere, "" became a hit with all ages.

Metres from the lake with views to Telstra Tower, the area is also licensed so you can buy a beer or wine to enjoy with your fish and chips.

Previously the fish and chips were presented in little cardboard boxes, however this year they are being served in fake newspaper wrapping with jokes and entertaining stories to read after you have finished with it. The kids will love the "Finny Jokes"!

Our family were regulars last year, meeting up with friends and going on our own to enjoy the atmosphere. With the function marquee for the Club adjacent to Snapper, you may witness wedding ceremonies taking place on the grassy reserve before they have their reception in the marquee.

is open daily 11am - 7pm, 7 days a week during Winter months. During Summer it should be 11am - 8pm weekdays and 8am - 8pm weekends, however check their website to confirm.

The wharf nearby has cruises around the lake with Southern Cross Cruises. There are ducks to feed and if you wish to do some exercise Canberra's Beijing Garden , Nara Park and Lennox Gardens are a short walk away.

Upstairs is Southern Cross Yacht Club for members, guests and visitors out of the district.

If you are after a relaxing lunch or dinner by the Lake, "" is an enjoyable way to enjoy to spend some time by the water. With views, a festive atmosphere, cold beers and fish and chips - what more do you need on a sunny Canberra afternoon?

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