Small World Country Club

Small World Country Club


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Whoever said remoteness hinders drawing large crowds of hungry/thirsty mouths, whose custodians are fun-seeking sapiens of the "homo" order has clearly never been a patron at 'Small World' in Athi River. This gem requires nil mining to unearth, yet is still tucked away snugly in no-man's-land, albeit by the roadside. Even the entrance boasts no extravagance, with cobbled parking and camouflaging shrubbery around. Enter, however, and one's mind is instantly transported to the coast, thanks to its Swahili-style architecture. With its intricate patterns, gorgeous arches everywhere and detailed stonework all through the numerous structures, it surprisingly blends in with an environment hundreds of kilometres from the nearest ocean. The setup was done without cutting any corners; even the furniture, decor and artworks all pay homage to the Arabic and Bantu mix that birthed the glorious Swahili culture.

The grounds are spacious, boasting three bar counters, chill spots hidden all about yet still in plain sight. The area is notorious for its chilly evenings, so they countered this by having three circular bonfire pits. These pits are sunken in relation to the rest of the property, making them perfect cocoons in which to sip your sundowners well into the night and beyond.

Are you ready to salivate? You better be reading this on a full tummy because their chef did not come merely to cook, no! He is there to absolutely annihilate cravings and overwhelm one's taste headquarters. I never once put down my cutlery nor did I allow myself a chance to catch my breath between chunks of juicy, heavenly T-bone steak. Mind you, with our meals came a mini 'bouquet' of rosemary branches in a small glass jar, with a lit candle in the middle that served to ignite the rosemary stalks, randomly unleashing a (surprisingly) pleasantly scented, smokey insect repellent. This natural solution to a notorious problem that plagues outdoor dining setups is ingenious and pocket-friendly - rosemary bushes are in plenty here. I'll tell you what, suspense works, right? That's why this is the end of this worded sneak peek...go find out the rest!

PS. they even have accommodation! Now how about that!

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