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Posted 2016-05-20 by Kath Chownfollow
There's a new community cafe in Brisbane's inner Southside and it's not your average coffee shop. With a focus on community, this cafe is a space which is open to people from all walks of life and offers cakes, great coffee and other drinks for a monetary donation of your choosing.

The people who run the cafe are all volunteers who are dedicated to bringing delicious, quality food to the customers for a price which is decided by how much the person can afford.

The benefits of this awesome new space are many and varied but paramount is the fact that there are those who are able to pay for a drink and food and would like to help those who are less fortunate. This is a way that you can get your caffeine fix while also making sure your money is going directly to helping those in the community who might be hungry or in need of social interaction and space to relax with their community.

Inside you order your cake or savoury snacks which are beautifully displayed under glass domes. The day I went there were mushroom tarts, raspberry crumble slice, gluten free chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and a variety of other sweets. There are also culturally diverse sweets and 'hand food' to choose from with arabic 'Gulab Jamun" and potato fritters if you happen to be there when a local Afghan woman has been in to bake. What's on offer changes each week so it's a lucky dip for you each time you go back.

The people behind the counter are a mix of community workers who train those on the coffee machine to make the coffee's perfect and those who might want some experience in hospitality so they are able to get a job in the industry. There are also those who just come along because they love to volunteer their time and are helping out their community. You are encouraged to give feedback if your coffee isn't perfect as the volunteers are more than happy to try again to get it the way you like it as it's great training for those on the coffee machine.

A generous courtyard houses some simple furniture and potted plants, covered with white umbrellas. This is lovely in the dappled sunlight which comes through the big old tree in the playground where the children can play on the equipment while you drink and eat.

The name, , was voted on by those who attended the opening day for the venue and reflects on the fact that small change can make a big change in someone else's life.

So get out your change jar and bring along your coins to support a great local initiative which helps people get into the workforce, assists those who are vulnerable and may not have the money to access a traditional cafe or just to enjoy the awesome food, coffee and atmosphere.

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