Sleeping Beauty - GPAC

Sleeping Beauty - GPAC


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Fri 18 Nov 2016 - Sat 26 Nov 2016

There are some very talented folks working for Barwon Health in Geelong.

But I'm not just talking about their abilities within a medical capacity.

No, I'm talking about the singing, dancing and performing staff members (along with their family and friends) who give up a large amount of their time each year to put on an entertaining and professional pantomime for the general public. Despite working gruelling hours, and having to deal with the ailments of patients across the Geelong region, these dedicated people volunteer their time to rehearsing songs, learning lines and practising dance moves to put on the best show possible at the end of each year.

Featuring popular songs and witty scripts, Medimime Productions Inc. have been producing top quality shows since their inception, and in the process, have raised thousands of dollars for Barwon Health. Last year's production of Sinbad The Sailor raised $30,000, which was donated to Heath Wing 6 in University Hospital (also known as Geelong Hospital), and with this year's production, they hope to surpass that figure.

This year's performance, Sleeping Beauty, tells the tale of Princess Aurora who, just before her christening, has a curse placed on her by the evil Poison Ivy. In an effort to protect their daughter, the King and Queen whisk Princess Aurora away to live with a peasant family in the forest until she turns eighteen. But on her eighteenth birthday, the Princess returns to the kingdom of Paladia, where she is struck down by the curse, falling into a deep sleep for one hundred years. Will true love's kiss wake her up? Will the evil Poison Ivy triumph?

As mentioned above, Medimime's productions use current, contemporary songs in their family-friendly pantomimes, and actively encourage audience participation, in the tradition of the English Christmas pantomimes they are based on. The hero or heroine of the show is always cheered for and the villain always experiences the boo-hiss treatment, which is part of what makes these shows so entertaining. Not only are the adult cast and crew extremely talented, but the children who perform (usually family members of Barwon Health staff) are stars in their own right.

With all proceeds of your $27 ticket going to University Hospital, Barwon Health, you can be sure that this is one show that will benefit all.

Show times are as follows:

Friday 18 November – 7.30pm
Saturday 19 November – 1pm
Saturday 19 November - 5.30pm
Tuesday 22 November – 6pm
Thursday 24 November - 6pm
Friday 25 November – 7.30pm
Saturday 26 November – 1pm
Saturday 26 November – 5.30pm

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