Skyzone VS Bounce: Which Indoor Trampoline Park Should You Visit

Skyzone VS Bounce: Which Indoor Trampoline Park Should You Visit


Posted 2014-08-18 by Toni Meganfollow
Skyzone VS Bounce: Which Indoor Trampoline Park Should You Visit?

Brisbane has recently become home to two indoor trampoline parks, Skyzone at Macgregor and Bounce at Tingalpa . Whilst both are guaranteed to be a wicked day out, I wanted to investigate whether one can be crowned as the superior jumping arena.

Stratosphere VS Free Jumping Area
Both Skyzone and Bounce have an area for new jumpers to become acclimated with the world of indoor trampolines. Here you each get your own tramp that you can practice your jumps, bounces or (if you are up to it) your flips! At Skyzone the staff split this huge area up into sections based on size and height. The benefit of this being that I didn't run the risk of squishing a toddler, as they were safely down the other end away from us high bouncing 20somethings. Although it was nice to reduce the risk of an accidental child squashing, the Bounce trampolines are significantly bigger. Whist my flip may be much more like a roly-poly, I was certainly more willing to give it a go on the spacious trampolines at Bounce.

Skyzone 0, Bounce 1

Dodge Ball Zones
Parents of young children will be pleased to know that Skyzone has three dodge ball zones, one of which is specifically designed for mini-jumpers. These mini-jumpers could play to their hearts content with others their own size and us bigger kids had to play elsewhere.

The actual rules of dodge ball at both trampoline worlds are very different. Skyzone allowed players to be on multiple tramps at once whereas Bounce had a very strict one player per trampoline rule, which I think worked in their favour. It meant there were less people on the court and the balls were easily shared. Also once you got out at Bounce you stayed out, however at Skyzone if another player caught a ball on the full, one player is allowed back on. This was very hard to referee and of course younger children play by their own rules and us grown-ups are compelled to do the right thing, which unfortunately meant we missed out… a lot.

Skyzone 0, Bounce 2

The Pit VS Big Bag
Both centers have an area where you can jump off a trampoline and practice your flips and tricks landing on something soft and comfy. Skyzone again comes up short... literally. The tramps are too short for adult jumpers. They are only really big enough for one and half jumps, which doesn't allow for the perfect set-up to your chosen trick. Also at Skyzone the staff only allow two of the four tramps to be used at a time, because exiting the foam pit takes sooooo long, as you have to pull yourself through the chunks of foam and up onto the trampoline again. Bounce has cleverly designed their pit so that once you land on the big bag it is easy to shimmy off and walk up a walkway, allowing the person after to you to pretty much jump straight away. And a short line means more time in the air!

Skyzone 0, Bounce 3
Sky Slam VS Slam Dunk
This is a pretty easy one to judge. Bounce has three hoops and Skyzone only has two. Skyzone also only has access to one ball so you have to rotate taking your shot. Now when you only have one hour to enjoy the bouncing sensation, you want to spend as little amount of that time lining up.

As an adult (or perhaps "big kid" is more appropriate) Bounce also takes the cake because it is challenging. The Skyzones hoops were very low to the ground and it was pretty simple for players to score a slam-dunk. However Bounce's hoops are high and there is one that is even higher. After three or four turns, all 5 foot 8 inches of me was still unable to score. I certainly enjoyed the challenge, as did all the other "big kids" around me.

Skyzone 0, Bounce 4

Laser Arena
Now you may think that Bounce is the clear winner of this review, however Skyzone does have one MAJOR plus side over Bounce. It has a Laser Tag Arena. For only an extra $7 you can participate in a 10minute high intensity game of Laser Tag. There are no teams in the Laser Arena, it is a free-for-all and the moment you step inside it is game on! Alliances are quickly formed but one rouge laser can crumble even the strongest of friendships.

Skyzone 1, Bounce 4


However I am one of the big kids, and it is clear the mini-jumpers are going to have fun no matter where they end up!

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