Skybar Berlin

Skybar Berlin


Posted 2017-09-02 by Nathan Howardfollow

This rooftop bar and restaurant lies on the top floor of hotel Vienna House Andel's Berlin, not far from Berlin's centre (just a 20 minute walk or 10 mins by tram).

Berlin in a beautiful yet rather small city compared to the likes of London, yet it promises plenty of activities, bars and restaurants. One of these places is , Berlin's most popular rooftop bar offering Berlin's best view over the city (besides Berlin's Fernsehtrurm tower, also a popular tourist spot).

Like many tourists who visit here, my stay in Berlin was a brief yet productive weekend, exploring all that this city has to offer, including its bars. We decided to choose Skybar with its promising views and great service. Located on the outskirts of the city, you may get the feeling of travelling away from the centre at first, but ultimately this provides a great distant view over the skyline and the city.

On arrival at reception, we had a mere 10 minute wait before being pointed in the direction of the bar… not a bad wait considering the short notice and that it was a Saturday. We did notice that many people arriving after us were attended to before us, and the wait was almost 30 mins before we got offered a drink. Once we did get our choice of drinks, they were well presented and tasted okay. The cost of their drinks is rather pricey, at 14 euros a cocktail and 12 euros a gin.

I think the highlight of this bar is its view for sure, which is lovely as long as you are seated by a window or near one. For those wanting a relaxed smart evening, this place is great for a sophisticated chat with friends or family. Unfortunately, the service wasn't great here, and there was little opportunity for us to make use of the view.

Overall Skybar was a great experience, but besides its view, which was anticipated, it offers no more than what you'd expect from any other bar or pub.

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