Sky High Tea at Q1 SkyPoint

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Posted 2014-03-09 by Alle McMahonfollow
With sky-high expectations, last weekend my boyfriend and I took the 43-second high-speed elevator ride up to the Q1 SkyPoint Observation Deck to indulge in the Seventy7 Cafe's Sky Tea for Two. As someone with a moderate fear of heights, this excursion doubled as both a relaxing end to my summer holidays and as a way for me to edge ever closer to curing my fear of heights. As an avid tea-drinker also, I'm never one to turn down a hot pot of Earl Grey.

When you first arrive at the Q1 ticket desk, you will need to purchase an entry ticket which will get you to up to the Observation Desk. One adult ticket will cost you $22, while concession/student tickets cost $18 and children's tickets, $13. So, if the Sky Tea for Two (or simply the trip up to the Observation Deck) is something that you think you would like to indulge in more than once a year, I suggest that you purchase an annual pass for $32, which for an adult, will pay itself off after only 2 visits.

Immediately after purchasing your ticket, you will be asked if you would like a photo against a fake backdrop showcasing the view from the top. Uninterested in getting a photo against a fake backdrop when we could get an even better one with the real views upstairs, my boyfriend and I declined this offer, but now wish we hadn't, as it is very hard to take a good photo against the views once you are up there. This is because during the day the floor to ceiling windows let in a lot of sunlight which then causes anything in the foreground of your pictures (i.e you) to appear dark and shadowy in contrast. So, if it is a good photo that you are after, I would consider getting the fake photo done near the ticket desk. A single print of this photo will cost you $16.

Once in the elevator, you are taken on a short 43 second ride to the Observation Deck. In this time, you can watch a short video that plays on the roof of the elevator, which shows the elevator's travel time and speed (much like the types of videos that you see on a rides at Dreamworld). It may have just been my fear of heights, but I swear you can begin to feel the elevator wobble as it nears the top. When you step out of the elevator however, all your fears are washed away by the amazing views that greet you.

Yes we've seen the pictures before on postcards and in the many Australiana souvenir shops that line the streets of Surfers Paradise, but there is nothing quite like witnessing the vista that is the Gold Coast from a vantage point seventy seven floors high in the sky, in person. You have to spend at least 15 minutes just walking around the perimeter of the penthouse in order to take it all in. Then it's time to find a seat for you to enjoy your Sky Tea. This isn't a problem, there are many seats available and no need to make a booking.

The Sky Tea for two costs $39, so roughly $20 each for those of us who split the bill. This gets you a drink each (your choice of a juice, sparkling wine, tea or coffee) and a three tiered stand packed with sandwiches, sweets, cakes and scones. The sandwich flavours included were egg, smoked salmon, and cucumber, and of all the elements included on the stand, they were the least impressive. Simply slices of bread with the crusts cut off and a topping on top, they were not the best looking high tea sandwiches that I have ever had, but they were tasty nonetheless.

The cakes, on the other hand, were beautiful. Included on the stand are two bite sized portions of tiramisu, lemon curd tart and apple crumble, as well as a coconut macaroon and fruit kebab each. Then finally, once you have devoured all of this, there is a scone each with strawberry jam and cream.

Both my boyfriend and I were very happy with the service that we received ordering this meal and between the two of us, we could not finish the entire stand, so we were happy to pay the price that we did. The only complaint that I would have in hindsight, is that my tea had cooled considerably upon arrival. My boyfriend ordered a mocha coffee and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, if you have the time on a clear and sunny day, I would highly recommend trying the Sky Tea at the SkyPoint Seventy7 Cafe. It is a simple, but sophisticated meal with an accompanying view that will blow you away.

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