Skala Artisan Bakers

Skala Artisan Bakers


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Established in 1952, at Adelaide Central Market specialises in baked goods that make use of ancestral techniques and are prepared from local grains and ingredients. The range of baked goods is very diverse covering bread, cakes and sweet and savoury pastries.

The name of the Twice Baked Berry Almond Croissant refers to how it was made. The process made it very crisp. The croissant pastry had a delectable buttery taste and the berry filling was not too sweet. While not apparent from the pastry's name, it also contained some chocolate which partnered well with the berry filling.

We liked that the chunks of chicken in the Chicken Pie were relatively large and were cooked just right. Cubes of vegetables provided some extra texture and the gravy binding the filling together was not too creamy. The pastry encasing the filling had a nice golden-brown colour and light texture.

The filling in the Pepper Pie uses minced beef which gave it a softer texture compared to the Chicken Pie. It had a nice degree of peppery flavour while still being suitable for most tastes. Befitting its name, the top of the pie was decorated with a light sprinkling of black pepper.

Compared to the shortcrust pastry used in their savoury pies, the pastry for their Sausage Roll is more of a flaky variety. The filling had a good amount of flavour and the size of the Sausage Roll was sufficient to make it a satisfying meal for one.

Their Almond Croissant was very crisp and the degree of almond flavour in the filling was enough to make eating it a satisfying experience. Additional crunch and flavour were provided by the flaked almonds topping the croissant.

For those that desire something featuring chocolate, there is the Chocolate Croissant. The pastry was done as well as the other two croissants that we tried and the chocolate filling was not too rich. Enhancing the chocolate flavour was a drizzling of chocolate with a scattering of crushed nuts to provide some crunch.

In addition to being able to order their pastries in individual portions, some of their products can be ordered in party size for those catering for a group. Its location makes it convenient for visitors to Adelaide Central Market to drop by to pick up some delicious baked goods.

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