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Posted 2016-01-31 by Jenny Esotsfollow
'You know' I said 'that if you bung things in soil; most of them will grow?'

I love a good rambling memoir. As the author says, time in the garden is good for reflection. This book opens up all manner of reflection on family, beginnings and endings, writing, planting and reaping, nature and resurrection.

Margaret loves her garden. Small and messy as it is. She relates of her garden awakening which took place in a ramshackle share house when she was at university. Where an old garden plot that had a marijuana crop was removed in a fit of paranoia, and then left barren. Margaret relented and began to grow plants that bloomed. Who knew marijuana was such a good fertiliser!

Margaret derides garden 'experts' who insist on perfection in a garden. Insisting there is no right way to plant. Just give it a go seems to be her mantra. The reader is taken on a seasonal discovery tour, starting in summer. Recollections fill these pages. As the garden becomes the connector through life's many ups and downs, Margaret shares her previous homes and companions, gardens and life's struggles.

Her life as a journalist and writer take centre-stage as she relates garden metaphors, some involving well known politicians. She also delves into trying to understand the nature of loss, death and the duality of life all bound in the cycles of nature. It is highly readable and absorbing reading. As someone who adores the idea of a garden but not the actual work this is an inspiring read. Gardeners do not need to obey all the rules, and an eye for experimentation is a good thing.

The book is a very attractive, small pretty blue patterned hardback. A short sweet read. I know just the person I am going to give this too when I am finished. Published by Scribe Publications.

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