Siren's Call - Book Review

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Posted 2015-06-17 by Kristin Ravellefollow
Debbie Herbert is an American writer who lives in Alabama, USA. She writes magical romance novels for Harlequin, particularly for Harlequin Nocturne, their paranormal imprint.

Siren's Call is Debbie's third novel in the Dark Seas series, all centred around the Borsage sisters, a family of mermaid shape shifters who live their human lives in the town of Bayou La Siryna. The third and last book, Siren's Call, is about Lily Borsage.

Lily, having the siren's voice, is used to having all men fall under her spell but when Nashoba Bowman, a childhood friend, comes back to the Bayou, she is less than thrilled that her siren call doesn't work on him, especially since he's now grown into seriously hot adulthood.

Harlequin category titles haven't interested me for some time, especially as many devolve into various levels of erotica (though that has its place), but I was interested in this Nocturne title because of the paranormal element. I wasn't disappointed as the mermaid element and focus on bayou shamanism lore plays a bigger part in the story.

There are also a couple of threatening sub-plots that run throughout that fill out the book. I really enjoyed the natural progression of Nash and Lily getting to know each other as adults, each with their own little secrets that eventually get fleshed out. There is little-to-no erotica, and the book is decently written. I would rate Siren's Call at 4/5 stars.

Debbie Herbert fills her novel with references to local bayou lore that ties in with mermaid mythology. As well, Nash's father, is an American Indian shaman who shares his knowledge.

The other two titles in the series are Siren's Secret, and Siren's Treasure, and about Lily's two sisters. Debbie Herbert really blends the mermaid element into modern day real life well, making for an enjoyable read.

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