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Posted 2016-08-21 by Jeni Wilsonfollow

It's a luxury to get the chance to catch up with my sister, so even a quick lunch was something to look forward to. I trust her judgment on food implicitly and she chose well. Our luncheon date at the Sip and Chat Vietnamese Noodles and Café was most enjoyable.

Being a lover of pho, she already knew that this cafe provided very generous serves of fresh hot pho. Believe it or not, they have 28 different phos on the menu with the opportunity to upsize or add extras. Do not upsize! This is the largest serve of soup that I have ever seen in my life. If this were a bowl of salad, it would feed at least six people. I don't think it would be humanly possible for one person to finish this meal.

I think we both left at least half of our food in the bowl, but we both put in a gallant effort and I would have loved to have eaten more. The pho we ordered had large slices of chicken breast, piles of noodles with fresh baby bok and shallots in a tasty chicken broth and served with fresh bean shoots, mint, lemon, chilli, and plenty of sauces to add to your taste. I didn't think it needed sauce but my sampling of the addition of chilli sauce deemed it tasty.

When we first arrived, we were served with a flask of hot tea. The food was served remarkably fast. I guess they are experienced at catering for the lunchtime trade and even though they were quiet when we first arrived the shop filled very quickly. It's lucky we arrived before 1pm.

I'd say that the pho is the main attraction at this cafe because as I looked around, I noticed that most people were also enjoying these enormous bowls of the noodle dish. You can hardly go wrong with this $10 lunch. The seafood phos are a few dollars extra.

Most of the menu consists of noodle soups, noodles, vermicelli dishes, but they also have other varieties of soup rice dishes, salads, main dishes, including seafood and vegetarian selections - all at remarkably cheap prices.

As it example of the prices, their vegetarian hot and sour soup is only $4.50, the vegetarian fried rice is $10, a stir fried barbecued pork with vegetables and garlic sauce dish will cost you $18.80 and steamed rice just $2.

Sip and Chat is just a small local cafe, but it is well frequented by locals who are aware of their great value delicious servings. It's definitely worth trying out and perfect on a cold winter's day. They also have a home delivery service.

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