Simmo's Ice Creamery - Dunsborough

Simmo's Ice Creamery - Dunsborough


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There's a saying in life that the two sure things in the world are being taxed and loving ice cream... that is definitely how it goes no matter what anyone tells you. Here in Western Australia we are taxed heavily but are also blessed with one of the best ice creameries in the world.

Simmo's Ice Cream has it's roots in Dunsborough in the early 1990s. In recent years it has burst onto the WA foodie scene in a big way with stores as far as Rottnest and mobile food fans spotted as far north as Karratha.

The ice cream itself has dominated the Royal Show and various other annual awards in WA and was this year rated as one of the 15 best ice creameries in the world by USA today .

So what makes their ice cream so good? Well, to start with they aren't afraid to push the boundaries. Simmo's has a huge range of creative homemade flavours including salty caramel, marscapone & orange and whisky prune.

This adventurous spirit as well as the plethora of world class gourmet ingredients right on their doorstep in the south west has created a truly unique family owned operation that has resisted the urge to sacrifice values for the big bucks - something that is increasingly rare in the modern age.

The original Dunsborough location is an ideal stopover for families with children. The ice cream is what you come for but the location is fantastic. Large playgrounds, green fields and sideshow equipment give the kids a chance to work off the ice cream highs before the drive home.

Across the stream and away from the playground is a quiet green shaded field to sit back and enjoy whichever unique treat you choose, just don't get too close to the resident "ice cream eating" emu! Yes there really is an emu, but don't worry it is behind a fence.

Simmo's location also features an 18-hole mini golf course which is far better maintained and much more engaging than almost any mini golf course I've seen to date.

Besides ice cream, the cafe also sells basic lunches including paninis, waffles and of course coffee. The best part is Simmo's ice cream is no more expensive than your regular gourmet ice cream brands such as Il Gelato and Cold Rock.

For a huge range of unique, homemade, fair trade and unconventional ice cream with ingredients sourced from the incredible local produce on offer Simmo's is a must do for anyone venturing down south. Afterall, Ice cream is the one guarantee in life you'll actually enjoy!

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