Simmer on the Bay Cafe

Simmer on the Bay Cafe


Posted 2016-07-25 by Telani Kumarfollow
You may have heard of Simmer on the Bay, an upmarket function space on the water in Walsh Bay. Providing an inspirational backdrop for occasions, it's host to the likes of weddings, launches, and exhibitions. Not your casual Sunday brunch idea? This is where Simmer's little extension comes in.

Knowing brunch at Simmer was on the cards, I sussed it out online . Looked like we were in for some beautiful sun decks on the water's edge, a great buzz as expected from such a scenic location on a Sunday, and some fresh and colourful dining choices. However, being a foggy, drizzly morning with the top of the Harbour Bridge shrouded in cloud, we saw a different side of the story.

I was surprised upon finding this cafe nestled in with the private piers of the Bay. When I say Simmer's 'little extension', I really mean little. I'm talking a quaint window into the humble kitchen, from which we ordered our choices of brekkie bites from their small yet enticing specials board. Plus, no other patrons.

This isn't to say the quiet brought by the weather made for a bad experience. We got prime choice of where to sit from their limited number of tables. With this came a serenity cast upon Simmer, and the niche bay before it. All we heard other than our chatter was the water; a not so common sound of the city. It became private dining with a lavish view.

The breakfast specials list was limited as mentioned, but this was also probably a good thing. After all, it's known that the more choice you have, the harder the decision. In this case, I only had about four other morning classics to keep me wondering what I missed out on. I decided to leave the ham & cheese croissant for next time, settling on one quite novel to me - a bacon & egg pie. With coffee included in each deal, things were all the more convenient.

My cappucino was kept simple. No fancy froth art but this humble version of the warm and fuzzy drink topped with chocolate powder sure hit the spot. What about this pie? Well, it wasn't a pie in my classic sense; cup-shaped, containing your goodies. Rather, the bacon and egg was neatly woven into layers of the light pastry topped with a layer of crisp pastry. My favourite part of the dish has to be the tomato relish that packed a punch of sweet and tangy.

While I assume our brunching experience at Simmer on the Bay isn't typical, I can say that regardless of the weather there are aspects to look forward to, and you're sure to have a nice meal in an exquisite part of Sydney. I look forward to seeing how the cafe is in simmering warm weather. Pun totally intended!

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