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Silliest Things We Post on Facebook

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Published January 24th 2013
Five goofiest things we put up on social networking sites
I know I'm treading on thin ice here but honestly, there are far too many ludicrous things on Facebook these days. I guess I have been compiling this list in my head for years thanks to goofy posts I see on Facebook day in and day out (no offence to my friends). I'm sure everyone who reads this will have something to add to the list but I've zeroed in on five things that most people find silly and perhaps even a little annoying.

Impersonal greetings in bulk
One of the most tasteless moves is when people simply post "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" on their page and expect all their friends to comment on it or "like" it. It's notoriously lazy to extend greetings this way. Wouldn't it be better to write a decent email and send it to all the friends I reckon it is a little more personal than mindless greetings extended to no one in particular. Moreover, when people post "thank you" as a bulk reply to all the friends who wished them on their birthday personifies nothing but callous ingratitude. If people can take a minute to wish us they deserve individual replies.

Breaking news and game scores
Now seriously who logs in on Facebook to read local or international news and current affairs? It's patronising to suppose that people rely on others for news. But I guess the worst is when people do live updates of game scores. If people have access to the web to log in on Facebook, can't they simply check the scores themselves?

Philosophical quotes and proverbs
I've lost count of times I've logged in on Facebook to read things like "when you find the one who can make you smile no matter what or how they do it, you better hold on to them forever". It seems every other person is trying for a counsellor's job by doling out unwanted wisdom but what people forget is that who comes to Facebook for relationship advice? Perhaps what we really need is an old-fashioned personal journal to note our reflections.

Photos of everything around us
Facebook is a great place to share our pictures with friends and family but not everybody likes to see cellphone pictures of someone else's new blazer or their new haircut or pictures of rain, snow or sunshine outside their window or (and perhaps the silliest of all) food that they're about to eat. A cup of latte or a slice of pizza are not novelties and people do not necessarily want to know if we're having something right now and what it looks like.

Internet banality and abbreviations of every word
Terms like "LOL", "ROFL", "TFTD" and "TY" have been used to their limits. It's time to avoid using these terms because they have simply lost their charm and are not hip anymore. Maybe it is time to create new slang. Often people write frighteningly inscrutable sentences with abbreviations for almost all the words and you're left wondering what does that even mean?

Anyone has anything to add to this list?
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Your Comment
entertaining article!
by Joy (score: 3|1908) 2337 days ago
I am NOT a fan of Facebook or Twitter. I think Mark Zuckerberg has alot to answer for in my opinion. It has caused so much heartache for teenagers especially, who feel they MUST be on Facebook to be "popular" with their friends. I've lost count of how many teen suicides I've heard about after these kids have been subjected to cruel comments and death threats from nameless & faceless cowards. Just look at the fallout from Charlotte Dawson. Sorry, but you will never convert me to Facebook or Twitter.
by steve (score: 2|134) 2336 days ago
Interesting article. Certainly food for thought because we often forget the social boundaries of acceptable and offensive. I like the photos too but I agree that too many photos of everything around everyone is a little boring. You cant be expected to view all your friends photos all the time. And yes I dont like the abbreviations. It is very school-children like.
by Serbian (score: 0|2) 2336 days ago
This is a great article. And food for thought.I guess Facebook brings out the inner control freak in all of us when it comes to what each of us sees as being silly.
Everyone you friend on Facebook sees what they post as being of importance to them - it's a digital soapbox. As such, it's always going to be a case of one man's meat.
But I stand by my point. Some users just need to be aware of where they are and treat the medium with respect. It's too easy to hurt one's self and others with a carelessly written post. Not a whinge so much as a cautionary observation.
by 1chil (score: 1|24) 2337 days ago
Top of the charts: post updates while getting married. I mean, get life people...
by duspr (score: 0|2) 2341 days ago
I personally like the Philosophical quotes if they are not rammed down your throat all day every day....but the odd one, I think, can be inspiring, thoughtful or just heart warming.
by Rachael Holman (score: 0|2) 2340 days ago
When Facebook started to become popular with the masses (and by masses I don't mean it's university origins), it was initially seen as a great way to reach family and friends hampered by distance. I'm as guilty as most for posting ephemera and the mass greetings which I actually see no problem with if they're sincere. No, what really annoys me and what I see as a more serious issue is when it's used as a vehicle for venting or defamatory malicious gossip.
by 1chil (score: 1|24) 2340 days ago
What annoys me is photos without an expanation. If you are going to put photos on Facebook at least say where they are taken and who the people are!!
by jenni (score: 1|41) 2340 days ago
But I do all of that. Especially photos. Every day I post one. At least....
by Red63Sprint (score: 1|31) 2340 days ago
food for thought
by sshah (score: 0|2) 2294 days ago
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