Silk Scarf Workshop

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Posted 2023-09-06 by Sarah Corkfollow

Sun 10 Sep 2023

Make your own beautiful scarf!

Sometimes you need the perfect accessory for your outfit, and you don't really know how to finish off your look. And the perfect accessory for yourself is a light handmade scarf. Silk is soft, and compliments everything, and it is also very soft on your skin. If you don't have something silk in your wardrobe, then you're missing out already. Silk can be expensive though, so it isn't always easy to get something that you can afford. And it is very hard to create something out of silk if you're not sure what you're doing. So the best way to make a silk scarf is to attend the {LINK Silk Scarf Workshop] so you can learn how to do things right.

Creating the silk scarf will involve using alcohol inks. You will be given this beautiful silk scarf, and given the opportunity to decorate it and design it however you want. You have complete control over what your scarf will look like in the end. There are lots of different colours and designs you might be able to follow. But just decorate to your heart's content. There is nothing more special than being able to create something that you love and to be able to wear it proudly.

If you need help you will have a great teacher there to walk you through it. They will show you the best way to control the flow of the ink and more. This is a class that is designed for everyone, and you will get some light refreshments too.

There is even free parking in the area! Everything you need to make this scarf is included in the ticket price too.

For just $65 per person, you will have the chance to make something special that you can show off to everyone who admires it. You can book your own class if you can't make this one. There are also lots of different classes to attend, but the next one is held on Sunday, the 10th of September at the Hive Emporium in East Victoria Park. The class starts at 11am and will be completed at 1pm.

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