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SHU Restaurant


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Welcome to Shu's restaurant, home to delicious, contemporary Chinese (Sichuan) cuisine. Let me guide you as you will embark on a gastronomic journey like never before.

The exquisitely designed menu will leave you lost for options. Why not start off with one of the many delectable appetisers on offer. Fresh Tasmania oysters sourced from local markets, topped with green apple and lime dressing will melt the resolve of any strong-willed critic.

The blue swim crab meat topped with sweet chilli salsa and chive is a delicacy. As you will taste the small sushi styled crab meat rolls, feel the flavour changing and enhancing as your tongue breaks through the multi-layered rolls. Made with Shu's mother's own secret recipe, the omelette dumplings are a must have item in the menu. A fascinating twist to the regular dumplings, these tender little dumplings have a wafer-thin omelette serving the role of the wanton skin, while the filling is a delicious blend of minced pork, Chinese chive and ginger.

Next it is time to taste the entrees. The duck breast glazed in rock sugar, star anise, dried orange peel and ginger is indubitably a winner. The lovely aroma will entice your nostrils while the tantalising flavour will leave your tastebuds craving for more.

The poached pork hock salad with cucumber in spicy garlic dressing definitely deserves a mention. A cold and surprisingly refreshing dish, the pork meat is butter soft and the cucumber in the garlic dressing complements it beautifully. Other delightful options include preserved duck eggs salad, snake bean salad, organic silken tofu warm salad, organic chicken salad and the list goes on.

Once you have savoured the appetisers and entrees, it is time to move onto the mains. On offer are a multitude of eclectic dishes. Rockling fillet in "fire water" broth of dried chilli, Sichuan pepper and Soy bean sprouts is a truly enchanting dish. As the super soft fish fillet infused with spices will melt into your mouth, you will find yourself in seventh heaven. But be warned that the broth is quite hot however, it goes wonderfully with the fish.

The Crispy free range pork stir-fried with tofu, green chilli and Pixian broad bean paste will land you on top of the moon as the succulent meat will quickly disappear in your mouth. The chillies lend the dish an intriguing richness and depth. Some of the other enticing options for mains comprise of the pan fried salmon fillet, stir-fried shemeji mushroom with garlic shoot and dried chilli and many others.

The scrumptious menu has been cleverly put together to cater to the needs of the meat-eaters, the vegetarians and the vegans. With selections like crunchy daikon roll of cucumber, smoked tofu, shallot and enoki mushroom, organic silken tofu, sin qua (chinese melon) slow cooked with soy bean, celery and lily bubs vegetarians and vegans have much to look forward to.

There are also a wide assortment of sides, including lightly grilled green beans, stir-fried Brussels, chilled organic buckwheat noodles, Jasmine rice and so forth. There is also the potential of opting for a set menu, which is the chef's selection of seasonal dishes.

Wash everything down with some lip-smacking wine, take your pick from the exotic selections on offer.

Service and d├ęcor
This shiny and flashy, ultra-modern Sichuan restaurant is located on the famous Johnston Street in Collingwood. Only 10 minutes away from Victoria Park railway station, this restaurant is also flanked by numerous parking lots therefore making it highly accessible both by public transport and by car.

The first thing that will strike you is the entrance. The front window is stacked with a pile of Louis Ghost Chairs (transparent seats) lit up with LED lights. As you push open the front door and take your first step inside, be prepared to be awed by the glitz and glamour that awaits you within the confines of the restaurant itself.

Drawing inspiration from a modern day nightclub, this place is a stunning combination of numerous mirrors on the wall, disused Bunnings shelves, storage cages, industrial chains, 80 year old Chinese ladder, vases and antique Harley Davidson look-alike.

The chairs are made from clear plastic and the tables have been tastefully decorated with beautiful flowers, bowls and chopsticks complete with chopsticks holders. Yes, you heard it right, actual chopsticks holders!

But the most attractive feature of the place is the soul-pleasing, natural music playing in the background while one of the walls is the focal point of beautiful videos being played with the aid of projectors.

The owner/chef is Shu Liu who has had a chequered career as a fashion designer for Gucci for several years before he decided to follow his passion for cooking. A wonderful host, Shu's warm personality dazzles brightly in the gorgeous backdrop of his ultra shiny restaurant. So feel free to pop any question to Shu if you are wildly scratching your head in the futile attempt at finalising your selections from all that is on offer.

Shu restaurant is a wonderfully decorated restaurant that serves food that is second to none. The ingredients of all the dishes are sourced locally and where possible is organic/free range. The items in the menu are often unorthodox but extremely brilliant. Every dish is unique and is a reflection of Shu's culinary genius.

Come and enjoy the exotic menu, entice your tastebuds with the delectable dishes and revel in the impeccable ambiance and you will leave with a full tummy, a satisfied smile, star-struck eyes and an irresistible desire to return for your next culinary adventure!

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