Shopping on Upper East Side

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Posted 2011-06-06 by Jody Kimberfollow

Between 56th Street to 96th Street, Fifth Avenue-Central Park, Central Park and the East River, and of course winding along the East River is the neighborhood of Upper East Side. This area has always been known for the affluence of its residents, and this is further demonstrated in many of the shopping venues located in and around Upper East Side.

You'll find some recognizable stores as well as some you may have never heard of before. Don't worry, once you've visited Upper East Side, you'll feel like you belong here, because you're sure to find something you like at one of the stores listed here or any of the others located there.

rby45rpm , 17 E. 71st Street

When you step inside this very unique store, your first thought may be to channel Dorothy ("Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore") only you'll be substituting New York City for Kansas. That's because this shop is known for its clothing that comes from Japan. Not only that, but the clothing is made from high-quality all-natural fabrics and dyes.

You'll enjoy looking at the selection of denim and indigo products that can be purchased here. You'll also enjoy meeting the people who will help you choose just the right item.

Aaron Basha , 680 Madison Avenue

Aaron Basha is a jewelry designer known for his exquisite heirloom pieces. In addition, he has designed jewelry that was considered by the celebrities who wore it to be good enough to go to the Oscars. It has been speculated that some of the pieces could possibly have won their own Oscar. Add to that the adorable baby shoe charms that Aaron Basha is also known for, and you have a unique Upper East Side shopping venue.

Addison on Madison , 689 Madison Avenue

Men, this is the place to go to purchase your shirts and ties. You can choose from off-the-rack items or have them custom-made to fit your physique and personality. The items sold at Addison on Madison are considered to be of a classic design, so you know that whatever you choose will give you a look that is perfect for all your career and personal needs.

Hermes and Hermes for Me n, 691 Madison Avenue and 690 Madison Avenue, respectively

Ladies, after your man has finished shopping at Addison on Madison, take him to Hermes Man to select the ascots and some more ties that will complement his shirts. Then, find the perfect suit that will complete the entire outfit.

He'll probably be so pleased at your selection and at how he looks that he'll pop into Hermes right next door to find just the right handbag, accessories, or clothing that will have you looking as good as he does. If he doesn't, just gently nudge him in that direction.

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