Shopping Cheaper: Cheaper Buy Miles and Richmond Gleadell Street Market

Shopping Cheaper: Cheaper Buy Miles and Richmond Gleadell Street Market


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You may have heard that the big two supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, are price gouging. If not, look at the 4 Corners report here . The unions and the government are also investigating this problem. So, yes, shoppers, there is a robust likelihood we have a problem.

So does it matter if it is a few dollars here or there? Most people don't care. Others like me can wear the few dollars, but I won't because it offends my principles. I hate being taken advantage of. Therefore, I generally shop at Aldi as it makes sense when common items are cheaper there, such as fruit and vegetables and cleaning products. But I've always topped up for specialist items I needed or craved by going to Woolworths and Coles.

But more recently, I have been doing this less by shopping at these two places.


Several farmers' markets and inner-city markets offer fun shopping experiences but are still quite expensive. One market that remains cheap is Richmond Market, in Gleadell St, outside the Richmond Swimming Pool. It is only open on Saturdays from 7 am until 1 pm when this street is closed to traffic. It's small and bustling, with several bakery stands, buskers and takeaway food vans. So it is more of an experience than going to a supermarket for the Saturday shop.

Like most markets, the best time to go is half an hour before closing. The area is contained enough to walk along once and check out the prices, and then, for the last 15 minutes, vendors are often almost giving things away.

One of the things I appreciate is that this market is plastic-free, unlike the supermarkets where there is just so much packaging.

Take some kind of trolley or your own shopping bags.

The other thing I like is that the market is small enough that you don't have to spend all day there. And it is easy enough to park in the surrounding streets.

Or go by tram. Get off at Bridge Road outside the Richmond Town Hall, and Gleadall Street runs off Bridge Road on the side of the town hall.


A friend introduced me to this shop. And it is great for stocking up. The last time I was there on a weekend, the queue was snaking out the door. Lots of people loading up Fevertree tonic water at ridiculously low prices and entertaining goods like whole rounds of cheeses, biscuits and dips.

It is not so busy on weekdays.

I bought a hummus dip made with olive oil topped with crushed macadamia nuts and a hint of chilli for $2, and a couple of red and green Marion's Curry Pastes, three jars for $5 from memory. They are $6 each at Coles. And I stocked up on cans of natural coconut water, which were ridiculously cheap.

You need to look at Use By Dates, but most of what I bought had a good amount of time before it’s likely to meet the best-before date. And they do have a total refund policy.

The goods here are constantly changing, but there is an emphasis on more ethical foods and drinks.

Here are a few of the items in stock at the moment.

Dilmah tea bags -three packs for $2. The organics range is 3 for $5 for the pack of 20.

Vitasoy 3 for $5 soy, almond, coconut, rice, and oat milk. Some dated up to September 24.

Pico - some of their limited edition Escapes range from $2 vegan organic chocolate blocks, which go for well over seven bucks retail. This chocolate ticks boxes like Fairtrade, and it's made in Switzerland. Dated June 24 --I am writing this in early March.

Tonic water is $3 for a four-pack or even cheaper at $15 for a case of 24 for the Imperial tonics in 6 variants.

Cockatoo Grove is organic, cold-pressed and extra virgin. It is dated June 24. -$5. The same 500ml glass bottle goes for $14 in the supermarkets.


  • Some interesting gourmet foods at cheap prices.

  • Many allergen-friendly foods, such as gluten-free and vegan. Specialist foods are normally inordinately expensive at regular supermarkets.

  • A good range of meat alternatives, vegan cheese and cereals.

  • Excellent items for entertaining, even if you have vegan friends coming over. But there is something for everyone. Even alcohol-free wines for your non-drinking friends!

  • The idea of saving perfectly good food from landfill!


    Cheaper Buy Miles Stores are at:

  • Cheaper Buy Miles Brunswick address: 109 Sydney Road, Brunswick
  • Cheaper Buy Miles Flemington: 325-327 Racecourse Rd, Flemington
  • Cheaper Buy Miles Footscray: 20 Paisley St, Footscray - where the chain began.
  • Cheaper Buy Miles Fitzroy will be opening at 125 Johnston St . Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the opening date and what's on sale in general.


    Shopping at small local fruit and vegetable markets and grocery shops such as Cheaper Buy Miles saves money and means you are not stuck shopping at the Duplocy. Try it and watch your shopping bill go DOWN, DOWN DOWN - but this time, prices are really down because they aren't inflated in the first place.

    Click here for a story on how I started as an Aldi Virgin and learnt to love it.


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