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Posted 2013-03-28 by Mila Woodfollow
It's Friday afternoon, you and some friends are meeting up with some hot guys, but not quite sure of what to wear. You want something sexy but not revealing. Sexy enough to make a statement. You want something affordable but not tacky. But where can you find some affordable outfit that you can indulge without costing a fortune. Well. Fret no more! Here are five shops that I've gathered for you to browse and enjoy!

This shop carries over 1000 different pieces and style of clothing. The price range from $2 upward. If you are looking for something casual, work outfit, a little black or red number to impress your date. Jackets, cardigans, shorts, and other array of outfit that caters for everyone or anyone. Look no further. This place will not break your bank balance. Located at 630 George Street – 9264 2832. They are open for trading 7 days a week, from Monday to Saturday – 9AM to 10:30PM, then Sunday is 10AM to 10:30

2. Big Bargain
As what the name denotes. This place have outfits that would take you from 9AM to 12PM or even longer. Where else can you find a little sexy black number for $10. You will also find plain short or long skirts for $7. Dare to be different with colours that will inspire you to mix, match your outfit and be unique.Leather look alike jackets that ranges from $20 to $50. I bought a magnificent jacket a year ago for $39.95 and still look good and as new today. Bargain Shop is located at 704 George St. Sydney

3. Oxygen NSW
A factory clearance shop. Located on the second floor of market city. This outlet sells clothes that will make your girlfriend drool with envy. Array of current styles and colours are available. Prices vary from $10 to $30 catering for sizes 6 to 16. You might be thinking that the quality is inferior. Well, think twice, the fabrics are good and well made. At this price, you can afford to shop every week, on every occasion or just as your heart desire. Trading hours are from 10AM to 7PM, Monday to Sunday, except Thursday where they close at 8PM. Phone 9212 6504.

4. Bargains Galore
Its not a name of a shop. But on level one at Market City, Haymarket, an area had been designated to showcase selections of clothes, shoes, bags and more on basement price. Prices vary and can get as low as $5 for an outfit.

5. Big Bargain - 2
This shop located at 550 George St is massive. It's collections will take you from the gym to an outfit that you can wear to impress. Colourful skin tights, denim shorts,suede singlets, array of sun dresses, sequinned dresses, and it goes on and on. Price range are from $10.

So what are you waiting for? Get those legs going, head after work, on your lunch break, or on the weekend. You don't need a fortune to keep up with the fashion. Brag and wear those outfits with pride and still have a lot of spare change for that cocktail that your looking forward to.

How to get there
From Central station head towards Circular Quay, and you will stumble Big Bargain shop and if you keep walking you will find the rest of the shops as mentioned above. The bargain galore area is at Haymarket - Market City. Signs are everywhere.

From Town Hall, along George St is the Big Bargain - 2, its beside the Woolworth. You will not miss it.

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