Shania Twain - NOW Tour 2018

Shania Twain - NOW Tour 2018


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Sat 08 Dec 2018

Depending on your age, or, social standing, rent was $120, your wage 219 and it took approximately two horses, three buses and one train ride to get to work. No one ever really felt compelled to upload an image of their two minute noodle / Fruity Lexia combo and share it with the world (oddly enough), and a Sunday afternoon 'social interaction' consisted of, well, socially interacting - with a group of 'otherwise normal functioning humans' - singing atrociously - while one of those said humans stood on a chair, drinking, efficiently, before placing an empty glass on top of his head. And before, much to everyone's relief, some *attractive Canadian woman impressively interrupted from a $2 fed machine in the corner of 'sponsored by' club / pub / .. (fill in the blank) and set the tone for a: 'you absolutely impressed us very much Shania Twain' - fun, music-filled night.

'Ow, ah-ha yeah yeah' ..

Shania Twain - Hope Estate - Saturday 8th December. Yes, she's still got it. After all this time. A few more stories / songs / 'wear them with pride' battle scars on her humble little resume - but here no less. And aren't we all the luckier for it. So NOW, in addition to You're Still the One, From This Moment On, Man! I Feel Like a Woman!, That Don't Impress Me Much, I'm Gonna Getcha Good, we've got: Life's About to Get Good, Home Now, Light of My Life, I'm Alright, More Fun. So prepare yourself, I would imagine, for some good solid country.

Music = memories = life. The good, the bad, the fun, the embarrassing. You remember who it was you were dancing to with your Dad as a ten-year-old around a campfire; what song it was that came on the radio in the car - on that first car trip - after 'just been hit over the head with a baseball bat' news; who it was that ate the two minute noodles and drank the 'love potion no. 9' with you when times were interesting; and you remember who it was up on that chair in the club (more often than not) when Shania Twain came 'bounding' into the room like a breath of fun, fresh (remember her in that catsuit) air!

The bottle of sparkling might be a little pricier these days (just) and the noodles can make way for canapes, savoury and sweet cocktail food and melt in your mouth dessert - but the goodness of the people who drank the F.L with you, thankfully, never seems to change, nor do the memories that go with the music. Of which, are wholly priceless. if you're a fan.

*attractive, because she's hard-working, resilient, and brilliant.

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