Seven Hills Bushland Reserve

Seven Hills Bushland Reserve


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Have you ever found a jewel under your very own feet? Or more aptly, a small, green jewel in your own backyard? That was exactly how it felt as I explored the , an area I have lived near for many years but never fully realised the extent of the wide walkways or its easy accessibility.

is, unsurprisingly, in Seven Hills, a small suburb tucked away in our city's east about 5 kilometres away from the city centre and nestled between its bigger sisters and brothers Norman Park, Camp Hill and Morningside. It is an area better known for its interesting and well-patronised cafes, such as the Rabbit Hole or the Golden Buddha Restaurant /Lazy Monks Cafe .

is a huge 52 hectares of bushland and home to an amazing array of birds, trees and animals. It is even more amazing as you catch glimpses of the city skyline occasionally through the trees and realise how close you are to the centre of Australia's third biggest city. Because it doesn't feel like that. It doesn't feel like you are in the city at all. It feels like you have totally and utterly escaped the urban streets, with only the occasional aeroplane flying low over your head to remind you that you are not in fact, in the middle of the bush.

The bushland has many accessible entry points including several off Richmond Road to its north and Darcy Road on its south-eastern side. There are several inter-connecting tracks that meander their way through the bushland, each one very well signposted with little chance of losing your way, including the short but steep Ridge Circuit and the longer, Seven Hills Circuit. Exits to streets are also very well signed.

The signage at the entry points promise potential sightings of frilled lizards, scrub turkeys, silver eyes and even the occasional koala. Sadly, I have not yet seen any of these – primarily, I am guessing, because I need to concentrate all my efforts to get up the hills. Yes, the suburb of Seven Hills lives every bit up to its name, with the walking tracks veering crazily upwards and then careering downwards - over and over again.

I took the Seven Hills Circuit which took me up and down hills for around four kilometres. But on the whole, a very pleasant four kilometres through ironbark and melaleuca scrub, past rainbow lorikeets and the odd, very startled blue tongue.

The Reserve is very well taken care of by several groups who meet in different areas of the bushland regularly to maintain and care for the Reserve, to weed, replant, mulch and the multitude of other jobs that keeps this most beautiful part of the world intact and safe. Please call Local Group Coordinator Eris Jolly if you are interested in volunteering on 3398 1739.

It is such a lovely area to walk in with the children, or the dog (on leash only) or by myself when I feel the need to escape it all. Out in the bush in my own backyard.

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