Serangoon Garden Chomp Chomp

Serangoon Garden Chomp Chomp


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Nestled in the heart of Serangoon is a bustling food center famous for locals living in that area. For anyone not driving, the easiest way to go via public transport is simply to take Bus 315 or 317 from Serangoon interchange and stop past the roundabout.

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It being a popular food destination for food lovers, it's highly recommended that anyone going there for a bite should be seated by 6pm to beat the daily dinner crowd. Otherwise the next best time to go would be after 8pm, when the crowd has dispersed somewhat. As the place is relatively small and the tables correspondingly so, the ideal group size to go for a night out at Chomp Chomp would be four people maximum. The place can be cramped and stuffy at times, so you will often find people dressed in casual clothing consisting of singlet, shorts and slippers to beat the heat. Chomp Chomp has a system in which every table is assigned a number. To order, just go to the stall of your desired food item and tell them your table number. Payment is made by cash when the waiter delivers the food to you.

Often when you ask locals for a must try dish at Chomp Chomp, you will be given a perplexed stare and an incredulous reply of "Everything!" That is true to some extent because there isn't any particular stall you should avoid because the hawkers have been practicing their craft for decades. Sometimes there are even multiple stalls selling the same dishes.

There are certain tips and strategies for getting the most 'bang for your buck'. In no particular order, people tend to order chicken wings, sugar cane, hokkien mee and sambal stingray. Of these dishes, hokkien mee is notoriously slow with queues that can take up to 45 minutes. Therefore hokkien mee should be ordered first of all. Sugar cane drinks come in different sizes and the medium size is not the conventional size. It's better to ask to see the mug sizes before ordering because one medium mug is large enough for two people to drink. Those who wish to have more carbohydrate intake for their meal can order a serving of white rice together with the sambal stingray. Chicken wings should serve as an appetizer because they are usually the easiest to order and the first to arrive.

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