September 2015 Supermoon Perth

September 2015 Supermoon Perth


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Sat 26 Sep 2015 - Wed 30 Sep 2015

There are 3 supermoons in 2015, but the biggest and the best, the one we have all been waiting for, will be on September 28. As you probably know, a supermoon is when the moon comes closest to the earth while at the same time being full. On September 28 it will be the closest one of the year.

Everything you wanted to know about supermoons but were afraid to ask

First of all, let's address the problem of what is meant by a supermoon. It is not an astronomical term, so there is no exact definition. Astronomers use the term perigee full moon, where a perigee is when an orbiting object, such as the Earth's moon, approaches closest during its orbit. Astronomers set a minimum distance that the moon has to come to the Earth to be in perigee. This can happen several times in one year and this is why there are more than one supermoon per year.

During the supermoon, the moon will be closer, but some people have noticed that it doesn't look any bigger. In fact it is bigger, but part of the problem is that the size of the supermoon is partly an optical illusion. You will have noticed that the moon appears larger closer to the horizon than it does high up in the sky.

What you can expect though is that the moon will appear much brighter than normal. The best way to experience the supermoon is to get away from city lights and see the landscape bathed in moonlight.

September 28 moonrise, meridian and moonset times

September 28 is going to be a great supermoon with the moon rising at 6:34 pm, only 20 minutes after sunset, which means the sky will be partially lit. This can create the most amazing moonrise landscape photos.

The moon will be at its highest at 12:39 am the next morning and set at 6:38 am, 40 minutes after sunrise. This will be great for early morning risers who want to view or photograph the supermoon as it sets.

Remember that the supermoon will be close to full and nearly as bright for several days. This means that if you are busy on the 28th, as it is a Monday, or it is cloudy, you can also enjoy the supermoon on other nights as well.

Some suggested supermoon activities

Most people will be looking to watch the supermoon rise. The best spots usually are where the moon rises over water or behind a cityscape. Thanks to Peth's Swan River you will have plenty of places where you can do a bit of both.

The trick is to know exactly where the moon will rise. This changes over the year as the Earth tilts on its axis. On September 28 it will rise 4 degrees north of true east. If you have any suggestions for where to best watch the moonrise, please add them to the comments.

Moonlight photography is something many people will try during the supermoon. With the moon rising in partial light, you can get a great photo of the moon over a landscape. You won't need an expensive DSLR camera to take a photo, but the ability to manually change settings is the main feature you are looking for. Ideally you will need a tripod or somewhere stable to put your camera. A remote control helps deal with camera shake but you can also use the timer setting as well.

Last but not least is walking under the moonlight. You don't have to go for a full moonlight hike. In fact all you need is an unlit park to enjoy the moonlight. The light can be so bright you will often be wondering if that really is moonlight or if there is a floodlight around. Remember prepare properly for night hiking. You will need a flashlight because moonlight shadows are still very dark.

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