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Seoul Bistro


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The in the outskirts of Sunnybank is the perfect example of a new generation of Asian restaurants in Brisbane. It is a partnership between a husband and wife, who are Canadian and Korean. While they serve a range of classic Korean dishes, what they specialise in is innovative, adaptive and fusion tastes. It is also on the outskirts of Sunnybank where many of the newer (and in my opinion,better) restaurants are springing up.

The Restaurant

The has a lovely casual modern cafe feel, with friendly staff, good service and great food. They have pop music playing on the TV (but not too loudly), and a lively crowd. Overall the restaurant has a nice vibe. While not somewhere to go for a romantic meal, it is somewhere to go with a group of friends or for a casual date.

The Owners

The restaurant is run by husband and wife team Paul and Jiyoon. Their Canadian/Korean fusion marriage is reflected in the Canadian/Korean fusion style of the restaurant. They are both interested in authentic Korean food, and of course serve some classic dishes in the restaurant, however they also want to create something new, different, innovative and special. They have certainly achieved this.

The Food and Signature Dishes

The food has a wide range of Asian flavours, from traditional Korean dishes to those that are unashamedly western and quite a few in between. This is not at all unusual in Korean cafes. The main flavours though are Korean followed by Japanese.

Their main signature dish is their Korean Fried Chicken. There are 7 flavours, including crispy fried, yang nuym (traditional Korean flavour), honey soy, honey wasabi, peri peri, hot 'n' spicy and New York Buffalo. When you order, you can choose a couple of flavours so you can find out which is your favourite.

Another great dish is the Smokey Soy Chicken or Pork with rice. This dish along with other rise dishes have generous serving and are a great way to fill up cheaply.

Another popular option is the Japa Burgers. These are Japanese inspired chicken burgers, though if you want a Korean flavour, try the kimchi chicken burger.

Overall the food is not too hot (compared with real Korean food) but they are happy to spice it up by adding some additional chilli on request.


They have a great range of drinks, including fresh juices, green tea, milkshakes and some unique creations such as Lychee Lemonade and Tim Tam Frappes. They also have a nice selection of beer, with Cass being the main Korean beer as well as some other Asian beers. If you want something stronger then there is Korean Soju and Rice Wine.

The All You Can Eat Buffet

One of the most popular options is the $21.90 all you can eat Fried Chicken Buffet. For this you get unlimited fried chicken wings (you choose the flavours you want), unlimited homemade lemon iced tea, unlimited garlic toast, unlimited chips and a chocolate mousse dessert.

With 7 flavours of chicken to try, even just trying one of each type of chicken, chips, bread and dessert will satisfy most people. Of course you can order more of your favourite flavours as you go.

Lunch Specials

If you are popping in for a midweek lunch, check out their $8.90 lunch specials.

The Verdict

The popularity of this restaurant attests to the fact that people in Brisbane want to try something a little different. While people order widely off the menu, the most popular item is the all your can eat buffet chicken wings. Overall, a fantastic value for money casual eatery worth making the trip to Sunnybank to check out.

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